20 thoughts on “eBay Broke It But Can’t Fix It”

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  2. Ebay lost me when they started allowing numerous foreign accounts to sell dyed Ethiopian opal as black Australian gem opal for pennies on the dollar…they know it's fraudulent but don't care…

  3. Even without the zero quantity option Ebay still relists sold items. It seems to happen every once in a while. The other way it happens is with end/sell-similar: if you don't pay attention you can end 200, and only 180 show up on the ended list. Drives me crazy. They will all eventually show up, but you have to watch to make sure before you sell-similar.

  4. I found about 10 sold items in my UNSOLD this past week! I also had a listing that I wanted to change the shipping option and it was locked so I couldn't change. I looked up the reason this would be and it says that you can't change listing when it's in the last few hours of ending OR if there were bids/offers. It was a BIN listing so no bids & there were NO offers – there was, however a question from a prospective buyer asking how much it costs to ship to Mexico. I have no international shipping on my listings, yet I keep getting these questions.

  5. Yes it sucks when EBay programs new features and always has to correct them ! I have a problem with their new auto buys which is ridiculous for the buyer when they want combined shipping. It’s a new thing which is actually good for the seller but the buyer always has to overpay the shipping and get a refund. eBay finally has spendables after locking up money from your sales. Like I said they throw out new programs only to have to fix them after it affects people. Been with eBay for over 20 years because it’s still an avenue to buy and sell!?

  6. Don, have you noticed this? I have been searching street signs because I want a couple to my collection. Ebay has the shipping price on the main search page, but noticed on many items, that was missing as well as the item location. This was 6/30/23 . I have to go back to the 1st page to see what the total is. I also need the item location for many many reasons. So annoying.

  7. An eBay glitch happened to me. AND it made my Top Seller Status drop to Above Standard.
    In March, there were 2 or 3 days where shipping due dates on my phone were a day later than on my laptop. I didn’t realize until the 2nd day. I called. They gave me some story about updates, etc, that it was my fault. Then …the dates were literally changing by the hour . I would check in the morning, no late shipping, everything on time, then by afternoon , the dates would show PAST DUE. Called again & they said that it’s exactly 48 hours from the time the bier purchased the item, so at 3:27pm , I would need to ship or it would be past due. What? I’ve been selling for 20 years. Never seen anything like this. So as a result, before I caught the glitch, i had 14 late shipping. I’ve never had anything like this. Those 3 days cost me 14 late shippings.
    It eventually fixed itself, no phone update, nothing on my part, it fixed itself, no mid day late/past due surprises.
    So, this is clearly eBay’s glitch
    But, they won’t reinstate me to Top Seller status. They won’t even get back with me
    Anyone have this glitch before

  8. I got my first customer stating that Ebay said I do not ship to their location today. this is a common glitch it would be nice if they would fix it. Or maybe it’s a glitch they’re using to throttle peoples sales for some reason.

  9. They're constantly messing with the source code so it's not surprising that the site is glitchy and unreliable. They don't understand the concept of "if it's not broken don't fix it." They're constantly looking to add new functions instead of fixing the existing ones that lack functionality. The app has been available for 14 or 15 years or more and you still can't send an invoice from it when something sells.

  10. Part of me feels they are doing much of this intentionally and they operate more as a government or black market front in multiple countries, just in the open. Otherwise we'd already have a low fee open source platform where we vote and stake on changes. I guess we'll call it FreeBay. Surely there must be a single competitor that wishes to undercut this platform with less financial greed and better functionality. We deserve better.

  11. This might be a bad actor inside ebay abusing an incentive. I worked in appointment setting door to door for a while and it became discovered that our two top guys had been claiming daily prizes, free lunch, and preferential routing, by generating false appointments for our salesmen. They got fired and one salesman sued.

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