Fake feedback: Sellers ‘using one-star reviews to harm rivals on Amazon’ – BBC

Between September 5 and 6, Amazon removed 20000 fake positive reviews from its platform, but it is fake one star reviews that …

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24 thoughts on “Fake feedback: Sellers ‘using one-star reviews to harm rivals on Amazon’ – BBC”

  1. The internet, inter web, info superhighway. Call it what you will, it's getting shadier by the day. Conspiracy theories, false information, disinformation is abound. You can't trust anything online these days:-(

  2. "Some sellers believe there's a new tactic in town. Targeting competitors with fake negative reviews.."

    New???? Jesus christ, BBC. Yes, it's called "sock-puppet reviews" and it's been around for the last decade, AT LEAST! How you're considered a serious broadcaster is beyond me. And that's not a fake review. You're crap! One star!

  3. They should investigate eBay .. can’t leave a negative review it just refers u to seller then there’s the blatant counterfeit items and false descriptions….

  4. How difficult is it for Amazon to only allow a product review from an account that has actually bought the product! I've just checked and I can write a review on any product I like. That's crazy.

  5. .It’s clear that Amazon should take some of it’s huge earnings and use it to fully police online reviews. And make it simple, any companies caught using such dreadful tactics are banned. Amazon do realise that good reviews reduce returns and thus increase profit. Reviews are the new shop assistant. Amazon needs to invest in its protection. Amazon have a lot of good people working for them so hopefully this will be improved. I rate this You Tube video at. *****. Not a fake score. Lol

  6. Why have competition watch dog's not asked why Amazon do not display their own feedback? I actually blame the courier companies for allowing this as most seller negative feedbacks are for shipping related problems

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