13 thoughts on “First TWO Products I Ever Sold with Amazon FBA Revealed”

  1. So Abby … The thank you cards were from fiverr app but since you don't deal with inventory…how did you add that to your packages ? Did you have to send them to Amazon warehouse or something?? And then they added it once they package your package when a customer orders one ?

  2. I’ve been binge watching your videos since last night and I’m very interested. I product research for my personal purchases all the time ??? so why not? I’m always searching for a deal. Anywho, I wish there was a way I knew a ball park of the start up costs overall/minimum.

  3. The company that you ordered the product from added the printing & logo for you before shipping ? How does that work & What does that cost look like?

  4. so pick a bad product and not even a decent sized ppc budget will be able to save you? lol great video interesting about the different results using the jungle scout and helium 10

  5. Love your videos Abby. You don't waste your words the entire way through the videos and thank you for sharing with us your products that failed – it's super personal to put that out there! I failed my first launch and I think it was due to not enough QA at the beginning stage of getting samples. Branding was on point for me but the product unfortunately fell apart when it got to customers. Lesson learned for sure.

    Which tools apart from Helium 10 and Jungle Scout do you recommend for product launch?

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