free Amazon KDP Keyword Hack – Keyword Research For Low Content Books, KDP Keywords

In this video, I show a neat hack to be able to find more keywords for your low content books on Amazon KDP and best of all, …

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27 thoughts on “free Amazon KDP Keyword Hack – Keyword Research For Low Content Books, KDP Keywords”

  1. I am working on my first activity book (adult crosswords, word scrambles etc). It is going to be about 160 pages….if I have a single thing on the inside that is color I would have to choose 'color' printing correct? For puzzle books is it always better to do in black and white for the cost? I also added a few coloring pages…I see some publishers put the back of the coloring page just as a black page for color bleed through…is this always done or can it also be another coloring page?

  2. Hi Caroline
    Really useful tips and information in all of your videos.
    I've only just started with KDP and your videos have been very useful to help guide me in publishing my first few books.
    I look forward to continuing on this journey and the many useful tips that I'm gaining from the channel.

  3. Excellent video and wowsers on the videos, so I just subscribed, and I can see that I have quite a few videos to watch. I followed your instructions on key word generation available for free for Amazon Authors (me, with over 1,000 books), and I selected one of my books to generate a better list than the one I am using (for Optical Illusions). Practical and useful video. Thanks.

  4. That’s a fabulous idea thanks for sharing much better than using the amazon search just for the simplicity of it. I saw some words I hadn’t thought of for a few of my published books.

  5. Hi Thank you very much for your valuable video and I have got a lot of info from your channel. I have one question and would like to ask you. I have been spent a lot of time creating my own interior for my book and I wonder whether my own creation of the interior can only be sold in KDP book? Can I sell some of my interiors in ETSY for example (not an actual book , but only interior) , thank you.

  6. Thanks for the info. Looks like a good method to get keywords. I find that keywords that have the best chance of selling is the hardest part of publishing. FYI In my experience “cuss” words are from the southern US. Most everywhere else they are “swear”. Thanks for your content. It is very helpful.

  7. Thank you, Caroline, for the expert information. And, thank you for eliminating the background music that you used in previous videos. The volume and pitch made it difficult for me to understand what you were saying.

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