free KDP Research Tools || Sell MORE KDP Books! In-Depth Guide to using free KDP

Update ** I am now concentrating on making money with LiveGood instead of Amazon KDP. Here is a 6 minute video that …

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  1. I definitely want to hear what you have to say about Canva Pro. I plan on subscribing at some point but perhaps there is something I am missing that would cause me to pull the trigger sooner. I use it now to create pdf kdp book covers mostly.

  2. After watching this video multiple times on numerous occasions to my Amazon postings for my KDP books I have increased my sales by 925% overall. If you're looking for a free comprehensive guide without any crap and fluff that gets the job done and shows results then you're watching the perfect video. Just to clarify, these are the differences I saw using AMZ Suggestion Expander and Amazon BSR & Keyword Extensions:

    1. wrote better blurbs for my books that converted me from 0 sales per month to 5 sales on my first title.
    2. The 925% change I saw was the amount of people who read my book that I had free on Kindle Unlimited promotion increased from 181 reads to 1277 reads for only two of my titles. I plan on using this method on the rest of my book collection which I have 8 in total.
    3. Keywords helped boost my rank in the Keyword section of the KDP books and in my blurb which ultimately started getting me sales on my first title. I will see results from my second title that has gotten an increase in reads too. Sounds like a small profit margin for me, but I was making very close to nothing and I was able to increase it so much in 40 days. And, this is just the start. (FYI: I don't know the owner of this channel personally, but this video helped me a ton).
    4. I was able to find profitable niches this way without spending on keyword research tools with yearly subscriptions and got a return where in the past I couldn't say I got results after spending $150 a year.
    5. I figured out why one genre of my books was in demand and how I could maximise my attention there to ultimately earn some money by using time and improving my skills.
    6. I learned that some of the genres in my book collection aren't currently doing well, but I know the market demand is out there and all I need to do to continue making sales is tweaking my Amazon titles to get the ball rolling. I finally know what to do and how to do it by mostly learning things from this video.
    7. I did read, listen to podcasts, and watch what worked for many other authors as well as this video, but without this video, I'd be at maybe 200% increase of my reads and probably still have no sales. So, if you're really dedicated, you can do this too.

    I apologise for such a long post, but if you're in the comments and unsure of what you need to do to earn some income without wasting time, this is the woman you need to be listening to. Thanks everyone and have a good day!

  3. Thank you Natalie. I have the Titans extension now but it stays "loading" in every category and has not worked. It shows no information like yours does. I have wasted so much time trying to get these extensions working. Your information has been very helpful!

  4. Thank you so much for the helpful tutorial! How do you specifically use the free version of AMZ suggestion expander? it keeps asking me to purchase a key first before I can use the extension. Thank you!

  5. Hey Natalie, I really enjoyed learning from this video. I had already done a few journals for Amazon KDP and had no sales, this video has given me so much information that I had missed. Thank you so much! I've subscribed and all the best with your channel and business ventures! From South Africa

  6. I really enjoy your videos, they are so helpful and full of knowledge from experience. Thank you so much and keep up with the amazing work. God bless you ?

  7. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy your videos and always learn something new. I would love to see the process of making a book in Canva and putting it all together. Also, your video on KDP tools was very helpful as well. Thank you once again.

  8. Thank you for sharing this video that was very interesting. I write fictional e-books and my main genre is Erotic-Comedy which I sell on KDP. I also write non-erotica which I sell on Smashwords…and yes I do use Canva to design my front-covers but, I'm on the free one and luckily most of the photos I've used were free. Great video & lesson.

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