20 thoughts on “FULL Q4 FBM Guide | 10x Your Amazon Sales This Q4!”

  1. Man I don’t even make any profit doing fbm because my shipping rates are $8.10 for usps and I literally don’t make any profit even selling profitable products

  2. I only have selleramp, I started doing FBM since mid January and only sold one item. So If I don't have Keepa, how can I check on Selleramp if its a good buy? What about pricing strategy, what do I price it at ? Please help!!

  3. Hi Flip4Miles. Quick question. When I was 16, I lied about my age when I applied for Amazon has a buyer, not a seller. But now I'm 18 and want to sell. Obviously I don't want to continue lying. Should I just change my email and add a new cell phone number and start allover again ? Thanks.

  4. If you are doing fbm beware of ups,they've lost 3 of my packages in a row now and I have had to refund the customers. Can't file a claim online, over the phone or in person. They place my label on the wrong package and they even had the audacity to try to say because "I did not buy my label in store" . Do not trust them with your packages,I am strougling to get my fbm off the ground buying stuff from my very meager paycheck and they are screwing me over. So if you are using them beware there is no support system when things go bad.

  5. Thanks again Miles, I just set up my merchant fulfilled products for Christmas. 2 orders in less than an hour, that's impressive! You guys are doing great things, very inspiring and motivating.

  6. I got my big problem with shipping box. I got many different Lego box size and dont know where to buy the box fitting with their sizes?
    Also do you offer free shipping for FBM ? And how you calculate the shipping cost to charge for fast and regular shipping ?
    Any recommendation ? Thanks.

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