21 thoughts on “Hardware Or Software: What’s More Important For Print Quality?!”

  1. I would absolutely love to see this test up against other printers. Be interesting to see how an anycubic vyper or Elegoo holds up. When my Elegoo is working ;),,, the print quality using Elegoo Cura is darn near perfect on most prints. That's like said,,, when it's working. ?

  2. It is like loading windows on a Mac…or Mac OS on a windows…after clearing the hd of course. Or Linux on a Windows computer. Software trumps hardware. I could be wrong. I have been known to be wrong…

  3. Ok… before watching this video, my initial gut reaction to the question in the title "Hardware Or Software: What's More Important For Print Quality?!" would be "Both". Now to watch and see what the video says.

  4. Back to the subject at hand! Yes, I'd like to see the same comparison with an Ender 3, or Ender 5+, or any other heapie cheapie from mainland China. Please do it!

  5. You see the MK4/MMU3 release stuff yet? Sadly I can't find hardly anything on the MMU3, but the MK4 looks AMAZING! Sadly I think this means my Revo is obsolete and my spare Revo parts as well.

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