23 thoughts on “Headrush Pedalboard Looper has Fatal Flaw!”

  1. Hello. I can't get audio to come out in the post function of my looper from my headrush pedalboard. If audio comes out in the pre function but when putting pedals it is affected. What I can do? thank you! Cheers

  2. I want to be able to create a song idea using a looper. Not so concerned about layering lots of loops but putting together verses, chorus, maybe a few other sections. So not just an AB but ABCD etc. (at least 3-4 parts of a song that I can then stream one after another) so I can drop the finished idea as a scratch track and then build the song in a DAW. Is there a looper that would be good for that?

  3. I am not sure what's meant by "layers". It looks like it's keeping track of how many times it loops. I always though of "layers" as how many times you record over the loop. If that's true….I don't do 50 times over the top. probably like 4-5. Can you clarify?

  4. It has never occurred to me to use all the layers, as I use it in live performance for some guitar rhythms that I save for specific songs, though I see the issue as you have demonstrated, I do see that as a serious flaw especially if you use the Looper in that fashion!

  5. hi Bill, we are waiting for your video that will tell everyone Headrush team listen to you and fix this fatal flaw., and the tutorial on how to do Frippertronics with the new 2.3 update of course! many thanks in advance !!!!

  6. Well, maybe that's a limitation, but I'm not afraid, that it could spoil my performance. Working with longer loops or engaging the playmode once in while and the tune will easily reach about ten minutes with the option of more. That's enough time for me. Mostly my compositions are much shorter.

  7. I LOVE this thing…BUT…..

    I’ve been playing with the Headrest Pedalboard for a week and absolutely love it. BUT it has a huge flaw (for me) that makes impossible for me to use on stage. If you could assign/save a saved loop to a “Rig” I’d buy this thing today. For me, I use a looper like a sampler sometimes to run a saved loop during a song. Since I can’t scroll through the saved loops & load them with your foot it means that between each song on stage I have to enable the looper section, bend down select & load the sample by hand. I have about 40 samples stored in a Jamman I just tap through for each song. I was thrilled to load them all in via USB / simple drag & drop, only to find out there was no way to access or load them with any of the 12 pedals 🙁

    Also, the fact that the looper switch is on the top far right and the record/start/stop are on the bottom far left is inconvenient too. If I want to quick add a little loop, jump back and play something over it it’s about 5 or 6 moves from either end of the pedal board back & forth. Hard to do on stage without looking like you’re playing hackysack, or wiping out. To start and stop a loop you have step to the left or cross your legs. Would be so great if they were next to each other.

    Other things that would make it perfect (for me) would be if the looper had a one time start single trigger setting. Also an XLR in for a mic would be epic. I could live without those things, but not having to load samples by hand each song.

    I really hope they can come up with an update that solves this problem. If so I’ll buy one immediately. I was so excited about this thing. So much this is the 1st time I’ve ever even written a review on anything. Other wise. Killer pedal, built like a tank. Wish I could make it work for my shows. – Cheers all – Dan

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