Herbalife Review – Does This MLM Giant Really Work Today?


More than likely, Mark Hughes never imagined the major proportions to which his tiny part-time Herbalife enterprise would grow. Chances are that he never thought that the weight loss preparations he peddled would manage to reach markets all over the world and become readily available on a half-dozen continents within dozens of niche international markets. Herbalife’s 30th birthday celebration was recently commemorated. Initially launched in 1980, it has evolved into what has become one of the world’s most popular brands. Within the last year alone, the conglomerate reported a monumental sales milestone of gross business revenues that totalled $4.3 billion USD. The following Herbalife review delves into all the fine details about this fine firm and its featured product offerings and compensation structure.

What is Herbalife Really About?

Herbalife was founded upon the basic business model of weight loss product sales and production. Its formulas consisted primarily of protein-based shakes. Although this item may sound like a mundane copycat to contemporary dieters, shakes were then novelties within weight loss schemes. Before long, many consumers became enamored with this invention. As methods were developed for expanded commercial growth and prolific opportunities to earn prodigious profits were devised, the multi-level marketing distribution model was adapted. From then on, the proliferation has been absolutely phenomenal! At present, a vast array of Herbalife products are available that focus dieters’ attention on personal care, nutritional issues, general health matters, fitness and energy enhance, and weight control. Its original diet protein shake was fittingly named “Formula No. 1.” To this day, it continues to take first place today as the firm’s leading weight-loss product, alongside many other delightful dietary variations like protein bars, multi-vitamin diet pills, capsules and tablets, assorted creams, soup bases, shampoos, and much more.

Herbalife has used its assets in the form of all the latest technological innovations and some of the world’s most brilliant scientific minds to catapult the colossal popularity and prolific demand for its products. As things keep getting bigger and better, many consumers have considered Herbalife for its exceptional income-producing potential.

Herbalife’s Compensation Plan:

Every individual product distributor has the opportunity to develop multiple income streams from diverse sources. This include wholesale and retail sales profit, commission revenue, royalties, bonuses, and various discounts. Herbalife has one of the most versatile payment formats in current existence within today’s entire marketplace. There is also an enormous potential for a sustained level of lucrative business earnings. Herbalife’s innovative multi-tiered marketing model does not have sponsor-sponsee “marriages.” Each representative remains totally free to cultivate his or her own sales staff to reach the apex of success!


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