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If you are serious about your Amazon business, you are going to want to read this entire post.

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This is huge!, the freedom Ticket training course currently still sells for $997, you can learn more about the course from the link below but in summary it’s an 8 week course, over 90 videos that covers indepth A-Z training on Amazon Private Label produced by extremely successful Amazon sellers.


If you have ever though about getting a serious product research tool such as Jungle Scout, AMZScout or ASIN360 you will probably have already heard about Helium10, it’s the most comprehensive set of advanced and up to date tools for the serious Amazon seller.

Tools in Helium10 (In no particular order)

BLACK BOX – Amazon Product Research. Save time and energy researching every niche in existance on Amazon to find your next perfect product to sell. Use Black Box to get the results in seconds.

CEREBRO – Reverse ASIN Lookup. Enter a product ASIN and within seconds you will receive hundreds, maybe thousands of keyword suggestions.

MAGNET – Keyword Research. Enter a seed keyword and in an instant Magnet will pull in the best most semantically connected, most competitive keywords.

TRENDSTER – Amazon Trends Finder. Quickly and easily analyze products you are considering sourcing to determine their seasonality.

FRANKENSTEIN – Keyword Processor. Most powerful Amazon keyword processor on the planet. Take thousands of keywords and process then into cash generating keyword lists.

Even More Amazon Tools

SCRIBBLES – Listing Optimizer. never miss out on using any valuable keywords when writing fully optimized titles, bullet points, descriptions and backend search term keywords.

INDEX CHECKER – Keyword Index Checker. Figure out which backend and frontend keyword search terms are being indexed by Amazon and which are not.

KEYWORD TRACKER – Product rank Tracking. Keep track of the changes and visualize how each change effects product listing rank for given keywords.

INVENTORY PROTECTOR – Coupon Abuse Prevention. Set limits on how many items can be purchased at a time by individuals so that you don’t have your inventory sniped away during coupon promotions.

REFUND GENIE – Reimbursement Assistance. Refund Genie locates your lost or damaged inventory that must be reimbursed by Amazon. Detailed reports are quickly generated so you can recover the funds.

MISSPELLINATOR – Misspellings Checker. Misspellinator finds the top misspellings for your keywords so you can start earning more with perceived mistakes.

ALERTS – Hijacker & Product Monitoring. Prevent fraud by monitoring your chosen ASIN’s. Receive alerts when your listing is hijacked or another actionable event occurs.

I think you will agree this an impressive set of tools for the Amazon seller.

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