How I Achieved Financial Independence Selling An AMAZON FBA Business

Yohan achieved Financial Independence by selling an Amazon FBA business. Today we interviewed her anonymously about her …

amazon fba with little money

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8 thoughts on “How I Achieved Financial Independence Selling An AMAZON FBA Business”

  1. Ahhhh man. I was getting ready to start on an Amazon FBA journey so was excited by this video, only for her to conclude in a nutshell (paraphrased) – "don't bother starting FBA, it's too late" ??

  2. Ken and Mary I’m your biggest fans and your you tube account is your own stamp, I love it. Your most popular vlog is the mortgage overpayment because it gets to the heart of the average Joe struggling to survive. I for one have given up on financial freedom for now and it’s more about survival and riding out the storm. I wonder if financial freedom of successful people is right for now ?‍♀️

  3. Yes I was so looking forward to hearing her story. The honesty is there. Sad that it’s saturated, but some nuggets of wisdom;
    1) don’t give up easily, try and try again
    2) have a mentor or peers doing similar with success stories in tow
    3) trial and error-testing the market initially is key and getting feedback
    4) in a saturated market, innovation is key, find your innovative niche, which can be seen as wild or mad
    5) always stay one step ahead, think of ways you can out run your competitors when they get close to catching up with you.
    Thanks for interviewing her ?

  4. I love the creativity of Ken and Mary's questions. You guys really did do your best to dig the value out for us

  5. Thanks guys, have been looking forward to this one. Very kind of your guest to share her story. Even if FBA has become a saturated market, it's still inspiring to hear these success stories achieved in a short space of time. Cheers 🙂

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