How I Found 25 x FBA Products In 1 WEEK! (Amazon Product Research Tutorial 2023)

Starting Amazon FBA in 2023… but CAN’T find a GOOD PRODUCT? In this Amazon FBA product research tutorial, I will show you …

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24 thoughts on “How I Found 25 x FBA Products In 1 WEEK! (Amazon Product Research Tutorial 2023)”

  1. Hi Darren! Thank you for all this content! Could you do a video on what you'd do after you've found these possibilities and how you choose which you'd move forward with? I would message you but i cant find any socials for you!

  2. Well, the search volume for the product is 66k and when I search for the word, 530 results come out. The sellers with the most comments received ratings of 320, 145, 79, 22 20. And if the product sells around 450 per month on average, is this product suitable for amazon fba? (The profit margin is 40% without adding costs such as cpc.)

  3. I'm ashamed to say I've only discovered the concept of FBA today, and after hours upon hours, I'm in a headspin? it's extremely overwhelming initially.

    Hoping a good sleep and hit it again tomorrow will help.

    I'm surprised at how much investment is required regarding the software subscriptions you guys use to assist you in research for trends etc, then finding a product and taking the risk.

    1 question I do have, would it be wise to avoid a store concept which provides any and every type of product? In other words, a store which has a bit of everything.

  4. great video but i'm looking to clarify a few things.
    2:12 when starting your store raider process you avoid electronics as the entry point. Why do this when you could find other potential products the seller sells that may not be electrical.
    4:13 – You say that using the right keywords are important – why is this?
    14:19 – You perform some deep analysis to establish that 'shoe storage' is the right keywords. You then seem to ignore this info and start another store raider process to find further products – Is this just you going off at a tangent, looking for another product and not fully showing a deep dive of the 'shoe storage' niche
    15:50 – how do you know being ranked #2 for keywords is driving the sales? it is possible that a lower rank in other keywords (but still on first page) is generating more sales. Is it because, in this example, their ranking for other key words are so low that it is unlikely to be generating sales?

    Sorry for the long questions

  5. Hi Darren, videos are great and I want to get enrolled in your course but there seems to be an issue with the link below as it doesn't allow me to sign up – are you still taking new sellers on the course?

  6. Hi Darren – i have shown an interest in your business plan – but fairly sure I have been answered by scammers – how do I ensure genuine contact with you ?

  7. Thanks Darren
    I don’t usually comment but this is a great video.
    Have been following your channel for about 2 years.
    You have inspired me to start my amazon journey and two months ago launch my own product.

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