14 thoughts on “How I Found My $20,460 Per Month Amazon FBA Product! Step by Step Product Research”

  1. Paul I just wanna say.. Your videos havs helped me tremendously.. My life is changing daily do to your content. Its not only informative, but motivating. The way you question everything to find answers really makes me look up to you. Thank you ❤

  2. Thank you!
    Great content !! Paul

    I sent my product 500units to amazon warehouse and arrived three weeks ago but still processing 40units reserved…?

    Should I wait to launch until finish? Or it is ok to start selling rest of them first?

  3. Yes, I love these types of videos where we are essentially leaning over your shoulder and learning from you. I really appreciate content like this.

  4. Paul, I must just say that I respect how modest you are when you talk about your limited (formal) education and the self-dig about the way you talk just sums up what a down to earth, nice guy you are. However, I can see that you're probably over average in IQ, and your type of business brain is extremely rare. You are a diamond, and such a lovely, honest guy too. Thanks for your invaluable content, my friend.

  5. How you been? I used to watch your videos alot when I had my Amazon FBA business 2 years ago. It failed, but now that I have some capital I am starting back up in a different niche.

  6. Thanks Paul! I love these style videos… you hit the nail on the head at @7:08 . I prefer to see you do these thorough videos like this so we can really hear your thought process and why you are making decisions the way you do… helps tremendously. Thanks again.

  7. If you’ve got a really good product and branding, but Chinese sellers are selling the same thing at a lower and lower cost, could you still make great sales keeping your higher price?

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