25 thoughts on “How I Make $100,000+ Per Month With Amazon FBA”

  1. Does FBA allow you to have multiple storefronts? Kind of like how you can publish on Kindle under pen names? Does FBA also have pen names for store fronts? For example you'd have these store names under one account but you'd sell in multiple genres, for example you'd sell children's bikes. Woman's jewelry, lingerie, computer motherboards and vitamins for example. Is this possible?

  2. Honest products for the long haul. As long as you are honest to yourself, and to your customers. I think that's is very important when wanting to do a long term successful business.

  3. hello. What's going on ? I have an question to Elias. how did you make your electrolytes? Were you already an expert or did someone help you with the formula? Thanks bye

  4. Guys amazon fba is not worth the hype u make back wat u invest :/ u will make more driving for uber eats strategies for making money isn’t usually openly shared on YouTube trust they just want u to buy courses

  5. It's good to hear successful stories like this from one of the most informative Amazon videos on YouTube.

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  6. How many hours do you spend a week working on the amazon shops on average just curious since its essentially another job i came here thinking it would be some sort of passive income but i was wrong

  7. hi Travis …hope this reaches you in time so I can make my decision. this video is very inspiring. I want to take your next course starting in a few days. however I live in Germany. i guess the content of your course isn't dealing too much with legal issues and therefore relevant across borders. however I wonder which time the group Q&A sessions are usually scheduled and If I would be able to attend them at all…due to the time difference. would be a bummer if I couldn't πŸ˜€

  8. What are your thoughts on selling skincare on Amazon? I have a relative who runs a famous skincare in Taiwan and was wondering if i have her ship her products to amazon and i can help sell them on amazon

  9. LOL…naaaa not buying it. Your reply will be, I don't have to but it is true. If you make 1.2M a year fba, you would not be trying to squeeze more money from You Tube. The time and effort to make this video with only 5K viewers is chump change for a rich guy. I know, I know…you are here to help educate us and make us successful. Well, you are getting paid for me clicking on…one more view πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Travis,
    I have a product in mind that is bugging me for weeks, I told some people but they don't actually give me proper feedback like they didn't get it or have wrong imagination.
    Can I talk my product to you and it will be pleasure to have a feedback from you please ?

  11. i really like Travis's videos and tips. i've just started researching and his tips have been extremely helpful. the one thing i keep coming back to though is, i know he is successful on Amazon with his product. But how did he get his product approved? And the same with this video? i'm assuming you can not just throw a food product together and put it on Amazon. is there some kind of approval process? FDA? And where did he find a company to get the food and package it for him? his product is a little different than a non edible product and it would be great to learn how he navigated that process from start to finish. Again, love the you tube channel

  12. Finally, someone said it! Fiverr and some in Upwork are full of hacks, with fake images, fake feedback. Even the so call agencies hiring from the same dirty well. No creativity, no originality, just bad gigs all around. It has gotten so bad, I had to teach myself how to do artsy social media posting for everyday use.

  13. Great points, I'm currently "dating" and haven't made the "marriage" jump yet. I'm still learning AMZN FBA and realizing the time and effort needed to succeed. Thx a lot for those points and tips!

  14. Hey man can I flip my amazon account still now like if my account is making $1000 in pure profit in one months for 6 to 9 months consistently and then can i sell it in $1000 x 30 equals $30000 to anyone???

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