How long does it take to make money from an Amazon Affiliate Website? ($10/day,

How long does it take to earn money from an amazon affiliate website? – Innnnnn this video I try and discover the answer.

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  1. Great video’s really hard to determine how much/ how long ??? Everyone is coming into blogging/Affiliate marketing from a different starting point it could take literally years to figure out what needs to be done to make any money in essence this question is impossible to answer …

  2. It's been 4 months a few clicks but no sale, google analytics says the traffic is 112/month and ahref is saying totally a lot higher. what to believe and when the first sale would come…. just hoping for it…

  3. Thanks Alex. Great video and loved the intro. Question that has me confused as a newbie is when to monetize. Lot's of people say traffic first. Does monetizing too early have a negative affect on your site and most importantly affect the traffic?

  4. Hey alex when I will write commercial article before applying for amazon affiliate then from where I will get the pictures of those products that i will recommend in that post??please guide me on this

  5. Very interesting video Alex. My website starts earning the first commissions in the first month. Five months after the release the website start to earn around 500 euro a month with 60 articles. The conversion of this website is also very high around 8 percent. The amount of earnings really depends on the niche because another website of mine earns way less money and the conversion rate is lower.

  6. Love the video Alex!

    Wonder what would happen if you created a general website with all sorts of Amazon products with an easy keyword difficulty. You reckon that would work? Or must it be a website with specific niche.

  7. It takes 8 months to make some $. First month I have earned 3$, 2nd month 27$, 3rd(currently) 39$ so far. Hopefully this site might achieve $50 milestone this month. This is my 3rd site after 2 flop site.

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