28 thoughts on “How Many UNITS Do I Order For My FIRST AMAZON FBA PRODUCT?!”

  1. Thank u so much for the video. Do u have a formula you use to determine optimum inventory to order? Also and do u usually order enough to last u 2 months, 3 months etc? what's an optimal time. thanks again

  2. I found my product but the minimum purchase quantity is high and expensive. It looks like i wont be able to do a small test order… i might just full send it.

  3. Dan I am watching your video series almost three month and other videos on youtube. I did not join any of fba program except for 10.99 course from udemy. So far I learn a lot only problem is that I am scared to order 500-1000 unit from China that we'll over cost me 2000 . China suppliers from alibaba . So now I am thinking get the order from alibaba to make music house then do barcode add fnsku top of barcode then list them in Amazon by help from fiverr gig and I am in business. .it's look and sound so simple. But I am scared to spend 2000 what if I don't get the deliver. Or if I don't make any money from.

  4. Thanks Dan. I'm just getting ready to do my test launch at 300 units with 50 for reviews. I think I'll hold off a few weeks until I have 1,000 units like you've recommended.

  5. Youre a nice bloke mate, I did you the favor and used your affiliate link and hope its of help to you!
    Great content you are sharing and as I just start out I am more than stoked to find my first product.
    Best wishes from Germany buddy

  6. Dan,
    Been watching your content for a month now. Great stuff. Got a question you may be able to shed some light on hopefully.
    One of my products that I launched sold super well. I was raising the price every few days from $35 all the way to $55 and still was selling like crazy. I only had 3 other competitors. So here was and is the concern. The item was an electronic kids light and it came with a remote. I got to over 8% returns due to defects. Customers said the thing just wouldn't turn on. So Amazon took down my listing. Meanwhile I had another batch finished in China waiting for my final payment to be shipped. I haven't made the final payment and have just been stewing around trying to figure out if I should even go threw with this product again. Main reason I am nervous is that I have 25k in 2 new products invested being manufactured right now that I am confident will sell very well for quit sometime. I am scared that Amazon would possibly shut my account down if I go through with the lights again and get another over 8% returns due to defects. What is your take ? Is shutting down a sellers account something that Amazon could or should do due to a 2nd run of over 8% defective products ?
    I want to still sell the lights but not if it will put my account and other product investments in danger.
    Thanks for any insight

  7. Hey anyone! I have a award winning gin I would like to sell in europe, it costs me €10.60 a unit and I want to sell it for €26 per unit. Could anyone tell me how well gin sells and how many bottles I would need to test out the market? Thank you

  8. Hey Dan, I’m a new subscriber and big fan of your channel. You have great content and I appreciate your straightforward delivery. Quick question: does your Amazon freedom course offer templates for contacting and negotiating with suppliers? If so, how many do you have? How many are needed to be effective with with this portion of the process?

  9. Hey Dan, for these last 2 weeks I've been watching your videos, I already sell in amazon but in private label it did not go very well (the tutor I had was not with you in the process) and I want to start over. I would like to get your help or win the course.
    Thank you

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