How to Ace Your UI/UX Design Interview | The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning to take on a UI/UX Design position in the near future, then you need to learn how to nail your interview.

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20 thoughts on “How to Ace Your UI/UX Design Interview | The Ultimate Guide”

  1. i feel irritated while listening you… why are you sound so fake…I mean your accent in which you pretend like a white guy….be natural its good for your viewers…. dont be a fake…

  2. Hello sir, I must wanted tell you that I have been checking out lots of youtube videos regarding UI/UX designing as a begginer and I absolutely love your videos…so presize with perfect amount of information

    I have a question i started learning ui ux took a udemy course i learnt the fundamentals such as typography, visual design, colo theory, wireframing, prototype etc. But i want to focus more on ui so if i apply for a job do i need to learn ux also or the ui is enough?

  4. Thank you kindly Arash. I have one suggestion. Can you make one video from scrach abot online work platforms such as upwork etc? Step by step guid, about filling out the profile, and things like that. Thank you very much in advance!

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