27 thoughts on “How To Add a Product On Amazon WITHOUT a Product ID”

  1. Thanks for this video, actually I have received GTIN exemption approval but still not able to add products(asking for product ID). Can you suggest any solution?

  2. Hi ! I followed the steps and applied for the GTIN and got approved, but my next question is , I’m doing FBM at the moment. Will I still be able to do gtin? And also I bought products and I scanned the sku it’s the same product but different packaging can I still list under that or what do you recommend? Should I just make a new listing? I’m doing arbitrage at the moment and all the videos I see as fbm are just listing off the products already listed . I’d really love your advice and insight!

  3. On the Amazon seller central what page do I go to that allows me to apply for the gtin exemption what do I click on to get there I am very new at this so I don't know what to do thank u

  4. Hi! Does this one apply for FBM also? Because I was trying to list some products using this link, but when I look for the products on Amazon I couldn't find it, and when I'm using the link that tell you you listed something I can't see the sizes. I'm struggling in this.

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for making this video. I just lost time with Amazon Support on approving my UPC codes which were from GS1 but after another company's name (different GS1 Prefix which wasn't registered for selling in Europe). Following your instructions, I open the whole category for the seller and list all 12 products. Thanks for your incredibly important work! this simple!

  6. Hi Josh, I have brand name approval and gtin exemption. but when the listing i try to create keep going to drafts. it also keeps highliten teh Porudct ID.i dont have to fill that.
    also give me this messagein teh draft.
    "There is no record of the SKU corresponding to this update on your account. This commonly occurs when there are other issues on your SKU."

    I created a listing with teh same title and it gave errors and delete it and then i used gs1 and caused issu and i deleted this. I deleted 2 SSKUs( that had teh same product title.
    The last listing I am trying to create has teh same title as I cannot change the title.

    what is this mean and how to resolve this please? appreciate your help please. Always pleased watching ur videos! Thanks

  7. I have applied to GTIN exemption (for my brand name under clothing category) and i got approved and when i started to list my first product i got another error 5461 says i'm not eligible to add products. I went throw application and gave all the proves and they replied that my brand name (that was approved on the GTIN exemption) is not selling clothing category. I don't know where is the problem since i applied for the exemption for the clothing category? pls advise

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