How to Add Product Listings to Walmart from Amazon in 3 MINUTES! [Tutorial]

Are you an Amazon seller who wants to expand to Walmart Marketplace? Now you can SAVE HOURS when creating your catalog …

amazon product research spreadsheet

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35 thoughts on “How to Add Product Listings to Walmart from Amazon in 3 MINUTES! [Tutorial]”

  1. I do not see any "category listing report" in the drop down. This video is only 4 months old.. can someone tell me how else I can get this file?

  2. hey, the category listing report only has asin and sku. I asked amazon to run it again and the same thing. is it supposed to contain titles, description, photos? thanks so much!!!

  3. This is a awesome little video! No spreadsheet to fill in! I have been looking for a shortcut like this. I will just delete the listings that import that I dont need and then link the variations. What a time saver! Thanks so much! David

  4. I listed first product on Walmart for my client but it is not publishing. On account it is written Onboarding Active. I have done all things like entered shipping, return , Payment and billing settings but still it is in draft. Raised case many times with support but they are still unable to provide the solution . Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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