How to Add Video to Amazon Listing, Create Sponsored Brands Video and How to Use

In this lesson we cover How to Add Video to Amazon Listing as well as how to Create Sponsored Brands Video ads and How to …

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20 thoughts on “How to Add Video to Amazon Listing, Create Sponsored Brands Video and How to Use”

  1. Can we upload videos into our A+ content?
    Can you please go through exactly what and how we can add A+ content.
    Dan, your content in your Amazon videos is without doubt the most comprehensive and understandable that I have found anwhere.
    Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and your time. Keep up the great work.

  2. Brilliant video Dan! I had no idea Amazon live existed. It's actually a great resource. One question though. What in your opinion is more profitable/worthwhile? Video ads or product ads?

  3. Hi I recently had a Sponsored Brand Video recorded and it keeps on getting rejected by Amazon Unfortunately the reason for rejection is not that clear: I think you mentioned you have recommendations for Video creation

  4. Most "Amazon gurus" on YT start talking about things less related to selling on Amazon or repeat old content at some point. However, every video you create brings useful content and is always related to the main reason why your audience is here, that is learning Amazon tips. It would be great if you could give more coverage to the influencer videos in a future video (i.e. how to find influencers that have this access on Amazon, does this mean that sellers without brand registry can use influencers to Live stream their products on Amazon, etc.). Thank you for sharing your expertise in such a professional way!

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