How to AVOID Paying VAT on Amazon FBA Seller Fees! (How to Declare Amazon VAT

How Amazon sellers can declare VAT EXEMPTION and AVOID PAYING VAT on Amazon FEES. Follow this STEP BY STEP …

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42 thoughts on “How to AVOID Paying VAT on Amazon FBA Seller Fees! (How to Declare Amazon VAT”

  1. Hi i have registered to amazon seller central as a limited company and requested a vat exemption following the steps shown in the video. however they are telling me to do this. can you please advise me what i should do next –> In order to be VAT exempted for UK marketplace you must meet the following criteria:

    -U.K. based Seller
    -Must be registered as a Sole Trader
    -You are under the threshold of £85,000

    Please be advised; to verify if you are VAT exempted, we require a copy of a previously filed tax return proving Sole trader status or An explicit letter from HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) in their name confirming the status as a sole trader or self-employed

  2. So if you’re a seller selling from uk but also selling in eu countries like France Italy etc, you get an exemption too as your business is uk registered or do you have to pay vat as products might be stored in the eu countries ?

  3. Hi Darren, I’ve done this (I’m a some trader) and sent Amazon my UTR letter from HMRC. They are not accepting it and want proof I’m a sole trader and have requested a self assessment tax return which I haven’t done yet. Is there any other document I can give them to prove I am a sole trader?

  4. Thank you so much, much appreciated for the great advise and training on how to remove VAT.

    7 star for quality advise, highly recommended to follow this video by all new seller.

    Thank you again

  5. Hi Darren
    Just wanted to say big THAN YOU for what you douing, im new on fba and I was wondering what is other charges in fba fees and could not find the answer why they charging me this fee, your video helped me a lot, is nice to see there are still some people that wont to help others insted just get a lot likes and subscritions. Thanks again .

  6. Darren, thanks again. Very interested in your company. Re VAT, I am voluntary registered but for mu music business (not e-commerce). If I go exempt on Alibiba do I have to charge VAT on my amazon stock? Thanks.

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