31 thoughts on “How to Collect Taxes within Amazon as a FBA Seller”

  1. When Amazon collects the tax for a sale, do you get it with your payouts bi-weekly or does Amazon pay the collected tax to the state for you?

  2. Why the Fuck are they charging sellers to collect Sales tax, they should be doing it in the first place , ….they should be paying US !!

  3. Wait so the only states you have to list are 1) your own state you live in 2) the states where your inventory is located?

    but people can buy your product from any state so shouldnt we just fill out that list with all 50 states???

  4. What if you sell multiple products on your page? ( food, sports equipment,shoes,electronics etc) do you need to do this tax setup multiple times? multiple codes? or still to the General tax code?

  5. Thank you, this was SO helpful! I am a brand new seller and about to send in my first batch of inventory and the whole tax thing makes me nervous!! For example, at this point, I don't even know where my inventory will be sent — to which state? Does inventory often get sent to the fulfillment center nearest to you or is it random? I know I have to collect sales tax in my own state but I am not sure as far as the others go! Anywho, great video!

  6. hi iam not living in usa and i donot want to collect tax from any body if need it i pay from my pocket is it ok to make ero tax setiing for every body

  7. Hi Josh,

    I am new to business and taxes. The section with state registration #, is it my EIN # that goes in there? Or Business ID #? Thank you.

  8. Great video.Thanks. I have a question about If I send FBA inventory in CA, IN,PA.Do I also need to collect sale tax on this 3 states? Do I need have their states' sale permit number to do it? Thanks

  9. So if I live in Oregon, but send my FBA items to be stored at the warehouse is Washington state then I charge Washingtons sales tax on my FBA items because my nexus is in Washington correct?

  10. Hi! How about If I just opened a Handmade account at Amazon and I just really have about 10 items I want to sell. I made them at home. Do I have to collect taxes?

  11. Does Amazon actually pay the Sales tax that they collect directly to the state for us? Or do they send us the tax they have collected & we add it to our State sales tax return that we file for taxes that we collected from other sources (i.e. Ebay)?

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