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  1. Do both variations need to be created as single products first? You didn't speak to if both of your variations were already created as single products.

  2. Hi BlueTuskr – thank you for the video! Could you share the link to the tutorial video about Parent – Child relationship? I wasn't able to find it on your channel. I also have a question: my listing is active on Amazon and doesn't have any variation as of now. I want to add one (a Spanish version of my product). Based on your tutorial it seems like I need to create a second child listing first (i.e. as a stand alone listing), then create the parent listing and link the two children under the parent listing. Is this the high level process? Thanks!

  3. Hi, thanks.

    I see that ASIN's are now doubled in my inventory with 2 different SKU's. Amount of sales are also different on both SKU's.
    Can i fix this? Because i have the feeling this will spread the sales on 2 SKU's wich will influence my ranking.

    Hope to hear from you.

  4. I am copying the listing from a listing with variations but it always says no variations available for that category. It is under food. I don't understand why a listing with variations that is copied doesn't allow variations. Even if I don't copy the listing it won't let me add more variations to the existing listing.

  5. What quantity should be added for the variations. After watching several videos some say zero others 1 and some people don’t even mention it even though it is in the red. You added 100… can you please explain where I should get that number? Thank you!

  6. Thank you for being the only place on earth to provide this information!!! Every other video seems to show how to add variations for if you already have a variation which is pretty much useless. And Seller Central's explanation is to upload an excel file with instructions that contradict themselves.

  7. Great tutorial ! – – So, your example shows that you input the QUANTITY . . . is that because you are not FBA? – – I am using FBA, so then, do I input a random quantity . . . and then . . after, does it work to switch the child to FBA?

  8. Hello sir
    I have two listing on inventory but the variation is closed for both item cause in the beginning i choosed no variation on listing but now I want to add variations can I make other listing for same item again inorder to make variation and merge them together

  9. Im a brand new seller, I have a pro account trying to create my first listing with 4 colors and no matter what I do, I cannt get variations, I get an error "variations not availbale for this listing" no matter the "category" I choose, what am I missing here?

  10. So im new to amazon my first listing I messed and did 2 variations on 1 listing instead of two separate listing. Is there a way to seperate the listing so I can make a parent listing and have my variations show on 1 listing?

  11. All of my listings show "variations not available for this category" however it is saying that to all of my listings and I know thats not true.

  12. I'm attempting to do this. Everything works well until I hit "Save & Finish". It then shows me my product and says "This product is already listed in your inventory. Consider editing an existing listing rather than creating a new listing." Do I create this new listing?

  13. Hello, when I'm creating new parent asin, it's showing me error like 'it has not exist amazon catalog'. New parent asin is not creating, I can't understand. Can you please help me on this? I have raised this issue with support team but they are not resolved my issue.

  14. Please piece of shirt go direct to the point, WE ALL KNOW WE HAVE TO LOG IN IN OUR ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO MAKE VARIATIONS, this tutorial is trash.

  15. Hi
    Thank you for the video very tutorial
    I just stared this week
    Just one question if you do not mind to add variations on an existing product
    What is the difference between SELLER SKU and PRODUCT ID my case I work with EAN
    From where do I copy Seller SKU? or I do not need to write nothing because in not marked (red)

  16. Amazon makes it sooo much more difficult than Etsy or Ebay, super convoluted. Your instructions were good, however, but I'm having issues as Amazon is saying variations aren't allowed for this category, despite it being a color variation of hats! So ridiculous. Anyway, good video. I'll sort it out.

  17. So, I have 7 separate listings, all the same product, but different flavors, I have been struggling watching video after video of explanations, it was screwed up every time. It was so simple to do the steps you showed here, my listing came out perfectly, you rock brother, thank God for you!

  18. Very informative video. I am new to Amazon. Wanted to ask, can I add a multipack variation to someone else's single product listing; so I mean there is an existing listing (not mine) for 1 item but I want to sell a multipack for that product, can I make the multipack listing using this method or I need some approval from that listing owner?

  19. Appreciate the tutorial! However, very confusing in the middle because you skip over "add product ID" by putting your own numbers in. Where do those numbers even come from if the product doesn't exist yet? If I had a white pillow listed, and I found a red and green… the red and green don't exist in the system yet so they don't have ID's, right? Where do I find the numbers that you pasted in. You didn't explain that part. Thank you for the rest!

  20. very nice video – recommended to me. At the 2:00 mark, you state "some times … may pop up" I can't hear the word – what might pop up? Listened multiple times, can't understand that part. Thx.

  21. Hi Bluetuskr. U have great videos here..Hope u can help me on something…I have a parent listing with large, and xl as child..however, I still have xxl that is available on another listing…xxxl alone..how can i connect all 3 sizes? thanks for your help:)

  22. Hi, We have three ASINS that are currently on Amazon. Due to an error with our manufacturer we now have to split the versions based on a version. Is there a way we can use just these 3 ASINS and have a variation of colour and model/version by using 1 ASIN and creating 2 SKUs

  23. I keep getting errors in the variations tab that tells me to “fix 2 errors” but nothing is highlighted!! ?
    Tried several times, all my info is there, what could be wrong??

  24. @BlueTuskr You created a totally new listing. Most people who come to see this video want to add more variations on the same existing listing which you dont cover in this video. How you should add more colors or types on the same listing ?

  25. Someone is selling the exact product as me, I want to use their listing and add inventory to it, there is a variation missing, how would I go about adding a variation to their parent listing?

  26. But this doesn't seem to add to the already existing product listing. When I tried this method I added the variations that I wanted to add, but the original product was just another new product without the same reviews. It doesn't seem to help much at this point or maybe I'm doing something wrong

  27. The product im currently selling has 13 reviews. I want to add variation by entering different color of the product. Will my 13 reviews be deleted after adding the variation?

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