How To Deal With Expensive Shipping Fees When Importing From

How To Deal With Expensive Shipping Fees When Importing From It’s unfortunate that Russia and Ukraine has gone …

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  1. yo shut up get straight to the point nobody cares about gases whats going on for future videos get straight to the point yo

  2. If I buy something off aliexpress, and there are custom fees in canada lets say 15%, how would they know the price of my package? I bought a package for around 200$ last time and did not get charged anything at all. Did I just get lucky? Will I often get lucky?

  3. Hi Sam . I am struggling to find cheap shipping cost do you have any tips to give me on where I can find lower shipping cost as well as product . Apart from Ali baba where the shipping cost is really high now . Thanks !

  4. You don’t make any sense how do they have to pay more for fuel when Russia has the cheapest fuel in the world and China by the most of it you are a very senseless individual. I just imagine Ppl is listening to your BS and following you.

  5. Advice please – when shipping air or sea does the shipment come to your door (shipping address) or is it my responsibility to go and get it from the port it comes in at?

  6. my supplier told me that this time the alibaba taxes could be assumed by the company that is in charge of sending them will pay them this time, and in the address he added an oregon address, I don't know if there is any legal problem, any information will be helpful

  7. Thanks for all the great videos, Sam. I'm learning a lot of useful stuff! I'm just starting out on my journey and wondered how best to get around the long shipping times on Ali Baba? Is the only way to bulk buy the stock and have it fulfilled locally? Any info much appreciated, hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend ?

  8. Great video mate keep it up always love the content ??!!. That is the best advice I learned with the supplier, you always need to have other options and can't just really on one ??

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