18 thoughts on “How to Download Your Amazon 1099 Tax Form 2021 2022”

  1. Hi thx for made this video it helped. But dont see PPC expenses we paid to amazon in this summary. Any idea how we can get that please??

  2. Great content man. Killing the game on those discounted items. I was wondering how do you keep track of your tax information and know how to put aside the right amount? I started selling not too long ago and with the constant sourcing and buying it's hard to keep the funds ledgable

  3. Hi, I can see my 1099k form from 2020 but I cant see one from year 2021. My unadjusted gross was little over 20k… any idea why i cant locate 1099k form from 2021?

  4. On 1099 K Amazon does not report liquidation income and product lost to IRS. Do you know if we need to report as extra income or deduct from total COGS? Thanks!

  5. I want to make sure I understood…if you have in 2021…made more then 600$ in sales they had to issue you a 1099,right? What if they didn't send it to you or it's not on your sellers account?

  6. Thanks for all you do. You are a great help. I have a question. What other reports do we need to do taxes? This is my 1st year doing them for Amazon. Thanks ?

  7. What to do if you don’t have a 1099? IM so lost everyone keeps saying the same thing to me. But I don’t have one it doesn’t show anything.

  8. Just what I needed at this time Justin! Was going to ask for you to do a video of how to reconcile sales returns and all the other items on the 1099k but you mentioned in the video you did that in a loser video. Don’t see the link to it but would love to watch it. Really appreciate all the help and knowledge your passing along.

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