17 thoughts on “How to drop ship with Chinavasion?”

  1. Hi Johnson Ong can i dropship in the philippines? how to fulfill shipping ? im going to use shopee.ph , im just confused on the logistics part, we have different logistics here . how can our logistics pick up to ship it to buyer in my location ?

  2. I recently bought an expensive smartphone that looked like a resent return in an unsealed box. The phone was clearly faulty – no WiFi, the Android OS would not allow any changes e.g. screen timeout stuck at 30 seconds. Now I have to pay to have it sent back to China. Never again.

  3. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CHINAVASION, this company is a scam, when you send them your money it's done. There will be no returns, no exchanges, nothing but lies and false sympathy. They are the worst company on this planet. The CEO is a white guy, this isn't one of those anti-chinese rants. Read the reviews online, do your homework, I wish I had.

  4. I am in the USA, would shipping be an issue as far as how long it takes? I sell to USA customers mostly and most drop shippers I have used take a long time to ship.

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