37 thoughts on “How To Find a Profitable Product for Amazon FBA: NEW WAY”

  1. Hi Morgan! How do you know where to start with brands? Ex., you typed in Crocs… how'd you know to type that brand? Is there a tool/way to help you find trending brands? Thanks so much!

  2. Mo, I have an Amazon Pro account. I attempted to sell on it once and lost money. I am going to utilize the "Smart Scout" promo code so I can have it as a resource to find products to sell; so Thank you for getting that for us. My question is are you using an online store to feature the products you find or just listing them within Seller Central as a Small Business? Please help. LMackJames

  3. HI! Ive watched the video a couple of times but my question is once you find a product (lets say the Crocs) how do you get these product so that you can sell them. Do you need to hunt for a distributor? Im stuck at this point. 🙁

  4. Hey Morgan. You had mentioned a script to contact suppliers? I don't see that here? Or a link? We just paid for our LLC to get started and reseller permit. We are so excited to get more sales and find that winning product.

  5. Hey! I’m from Alaska and doing all the research to get started before we move to the lower 48! Great video! So, your example of finding the Freddy bear, then would you go find the distributor and ask to sell their product wholesale? I feel looks croc would laugh at me if I asked but perhaps a lesser known company ?

  6. hey cajunventures, love the content! don't you need to be approved to sell crocs? also, how can you obtain branded products such as crocs at a low price so you can have a better profit margin?

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