42 thoughts on “How to Find Alibaba Suppliers That You Can Trust”

  1. Alibaba is wrost platform to buyers…i lost my money 73725 usd in alibaba … fake suppliers in alibaba… don't believe alibaba…they are not give trade assurance….i was raised complainant in alibaba…they didn't do anything ..they wrost performance in alibaba

  2. Jingsourcing beat me for 300 i paid to have product mold made & sample sent  was complete garbage poor quality not worth  the price they quoted me agent got cheapest product charged me more so she could pocket difference they promised me a refund but backed out because i did not use Paypal be careful you could get scammed do not deal with them

  3. Hi i just saw this video and I am interested in getting in contact with you. I want to start a buisness but afraid to get scammed so i know you explained here a lot but it be nice if you could show me some more.

  4. I’m looking for a gravel bike but their all so expensive here in the U.S.. however I found a bike brand named sunpeed and they have nice looking bikes but I’m still unsure of buying one for $600 from china (btw this is my first purchase from a foreign country) can someone factcheck this bike brand please

  5. Hello everyone, branding is not a major issue in Amazon flat form, customer satisfaction is more important, price and quality. many of the sellers reviews are absolutely fake 50k reviews in 3 months how? 100k 200k reviews in 3 months and in less than 4 months it’s absolutely fabricated and are paid, lot of them are fake. here am updating major information about this YouTube video, this information is not going to be true. Chinese products are loosing the market grip in North America and European market, even though Chinese products are less price but too poor quality, North American people are still want quality product. I don’t know how many sellers notice government of canada and USA is not promoting Chinese products after pandemic. Coz every corner complaints are coming about quality, North American market is coming back to full fledge and another good news are coming up is Indian products are more coming to North America and Europe through Amazon flat forms. Indian products price is less and quality is high. Indian products are going to sweep over Chinese products as well as price and quality. Check more of Indians suppliers and manufactures, also along with European and other Asian countries suppliers and manufactures are coming up with quality products and less price to compete Chinese products and price. Many European countries are coming up with good quality items. American and Canadian markets are booming up in the midst of pandemic. So relay on good quality products.

  6. You sir, are the suchness of just that; a Sir! Gd bless you with bounty 10 fold of that which you've granted us closeted newbz up on Alibeebz tryen to front like we the King of Thiebs.
    Much love,
    Amenhotep the 3rd ?

  7. i used a gold supplier and their product has left me with dizziness and nausea going on 5 months now. this is the supplier: Changzhou Confucius Biotechnology Co.
    I would not recommend them to my worse enemy.

  8. Thank you very much. It's my first time doing this. I was unsure about the supplier before but now I know they are legit. THANKS.

  9. Is alibaba going to be the same quality as most brands? Many products specs are the same as name brands i see in the US and im curious if the brands get their products from the same suppliers

  10. I payed almost 2000$ only 2 items on one of supply contacts now is a month not receiving my money back or to receive my package

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