15 thoughts on “How To Find Amazon FBA Products Fast”

  1. Stay away from this individual he is a straight up scammer. He stole money from me with a crypto scam. Be safe out there guys there are a lot of fake gurus like this one!!

  2. This man is teaching so many people how to create a business and build their life for free when other people are trying to charge hundreds for courses , pat you are an amazing person

  3. Question: Is it better take a loss on a product launch with a low price temporarily, Pat? Or, rather, keep profits up front (with more normal price) and put the extra $ into PPC? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  4. hey pat harris.. love your vids.. would be amazed if you may could drop out a video, were you would explain on how to product research for seasonal products

  5. Hey man, just want to say I've begun my slow, tedious journey of building my business and structuring my amazon fba business a few weeks ago, and so far it's been really good and you're the one who inspired me to take the steps. Looking forward to your uploads as they're very helpful. Rock on dude ?

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