How to Find Wholesale Toys to Sell on Amazon FBA with EE Distribution

How to Find Wholesale Toys to Sell on Amazon FBA with EE Distribution Start a 6 Figure Wholesale Business on Amazon: …

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16 thoughts on “How to Find Wholesale Toys to Sell on Amazon FBA with EE Distribution”

  1. Hi, great information indeed. Kindly put some videos on further things like adding to the cart getting invoices adding to the Amazon to un gate and making payments. like the whole process after finding the product.

  2. Hi. In your Star Wars example, you are showing the price for a single figure on EE distribution (1 piece 16.76) and then showing the price for the entire wave of 4 on amazon (4 figures $82). The actual price per figure would be $20. You would lose money after the Amazon fees. I have been scowering EE distribution for days and there is nothing there that you can profit from if selling on Amazon. EE distribution is fine for a brick and mortar or maybe even Ebay, but not Amazon.

  3. Ee distribution sucks. Those are not wholesale prices
    Even you have to pay the shipping , because they dont have free shipping.
    They ships high demand items between 5-10 months. In case they dont have invetory they will cancel your order.
    If you want to cancel an orden, they will charge 15% value order. In case you dont pay the fee, they will cancel all your orders and the fee will increase depends on how many orders you have in your account.

  4. Hi, my account is new on Amazon. I have submitted the invoices of EE distribution on Amazon 2 times but still didn't get Brand approval. Please let me know what I should do now?
    And the EE distribution team is not replying.

  5. Hey I've just found your channel and I was wondering are there money to be made by manually sourcing? Do I need to use software to compete with people who's use software? I've just started and I was wondering if the site is still profitable in the long run if I do manual sourcing? Thanks for your time.

  6. Hi
    Hope You Doing Good..
    I have a wholesale account with ee distribution..
    What are the shipping charges if we shipp our products to Amazon ware house …
    Ee distribution offer fnsku labeling??

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