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  1. so everything is good, like every detail is perfect, they might be fake or original, my brother bought them for 100€ cuz a guy had to get rid of them, however the thing bugging is that the audio quality when comparing it to one plus buds z, which are 50€ ?, there isn’t a big difference, if not any at all, so my question is, any other way to check if they are fake? or my one plus are better, or airpods aren’t all that? idk

  2. I found 1 fake yesterday and i can pair it with my phone and can find the serial number in apple website serial number and also i can see the fake airpods pro 2 serial number in my setting – about!!!
    Also i can switch to transparence and noise cancelling .
    I found it's fake by going to find my airpods and click on sound so the fake one not making any sound!!

  3. Sadly I fell for it, even looked at them before paying and spent $160CAD on fake AirPods. They even made a real serial number that could be matched. Even had a real fake warranty. I was fooled. Barely work too so can’t even use them. The case doesn’t charge and the earbuds battery last half an hour

  4. What you’re having in your video is a fake one I guess. One thing you should check is the light on the case once you open it, it must appear as white one not a green. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m totally confused what I’m really having now.

  5. What if it says We’re sorry, but this is a serial number for a product that has been replaced. Please check your information and try again. If your information is correct, you may need to contact us. When I check ?

  6. My pair of Airpods Pro 2 started working fine but kept disconnecting. I looked for tutorials to fix it but nothing worked. The sound quality is excellent, it even allows me to scan my ear, set up noise cancellation, they appear in the Find my Apple devices tool, but the problem continues.
    They even appear with AppleCare, so I called technical support through the App and through them I tried to solve the disconnection problem but we couldn't, they also have the problem that the Firmware is not updated. I made an appointment with the technical service and there they told me that they were a copy.
    What is strange and surprising to me is that after they gave me that news, I called Apple technical service and asked them to verify that information. Their response was that they were original, that they were on their page, in my Apple ID, and I don't remember where else they checked it and said that it could no longer be taken as a copy.
    Is it possible that they even hack the technical service, AppleCare, etc?
    They insisted and told me that the technician was refusing to cover the replacement warranty, so they recommended that I schedule another appointment at another authorized dealer.

  7. Is the airpods 2nd gen circle thing is at the top or bottom I’m really curious because in this video the circle is at the bottom while Amazon AirPods 2nd gen is at the top of the case im scared but who knows if anyone knows the right answer pls help me I’m very nervous

  8. I’m not sure if mine are real or fake, but everything from A to Z works perfectly i compared it with my friend’s bought directly from apple and 0 differences, the serial number shows up in the about section and on apple website and there is even the warranty expiration day in the settings ?

  9. I checked in my settings it shows up there but when I try to pair it with it says it’s not genuine AirPods and doesn’t connect directly so I have to connect it with Bluetooth

  10. Doing all this stupid things ….do as I say to identify the original or fake once. .. Just take one of the Left or right airpod buds in your left hand and with your right hand open your Mobile phones camera …. Immediately there will be an sensor on the buds blinking in red or pink color light on an off …. Its the proximity sensor its called … As 1200rs or 2000rs fake once don't have… Only the original has it… Everyone who owhs an airpods pro can try this at your home …if there is that light blinking …. That means your product is 101% Genioun boss…. ?

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