11 thoughts on “Improve NCX Voice Amazon Seller Central”

  1. Hi Steven! For any Amazon concerns, I make sure to always check your videos first. This comment is 2 years late, but I'm hoping you'd still respond.

    Recently, we are no longer receiving comments from the Voice of The Customers. We asked seller support about this, and was told that there aren't any return feedback from customers, but that is not true. Our return rate is still high, but we can't see what the major issues are since we can no longer see the comments. Do you have any idea what happened with the VOTC customer comments?

  2. Honestly most customers lie on the return reason because they made a mistake buying the wrong item. As they are trying to get free returns. Little do they know this hurts the seller. The Voice of Customer is extremely flawed in regards to this. As this really mess up sellers that are doing well on the particular listing if there is suppression due incorrect return reasons.

  3. Hello, I just started selling on Amazon. I have 1 listing. It has been selling generally 1 item a day, so not terrible. It has 3 negative feedbacks and now my listing is deactivated with a poor NCX rating. It is due to size. I have the size of the item listed on the description, yet it is still deactivated. How do I fix this and what do I do to get my item to be active again? Thank you.

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