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  1. hi another question, can I list my item that is already being sold on amazon under that product even if has its own brandname? How can I put my own details on that product if so? Thank you!

  2. Camron, thank you so much for your guidance! After years of delaying selling my products on Amazon, I recently decided to start. Amazon’s guidance was so confusing and not as detailed as your videos. Your videos have really helped me step-by-step learn how to start my account on Amazon. Thank you for being humble to share your knowledge and help others.

  3. yOU NEVER WENT INTO DETAILS in case of Brand enrollment is done and requesting for the exemption. What is that 'Unique Value to be put" which was a key attribute selected when registering our Brand ? Above is asked in the exempt application.

  4. Thanks Camron for such a great video. A question for you, once GTIN exemption is obtained, will the product be given ASIN number? If so, will it need to be printed on the package of the product?

  5. EXACTLY the video I needed. My brand, Bad Girl Balm, (handmade tattoo balm) was already approved as a Brand name and for my category (beauty and personal care), so then i got stuck when listing my first product on this "product ID" stuff.

  6. Your videos are great and well explained everything… anyway, I have a question, if GS1 charge a annual fee, how come the bar code that we can buy through reseller works? I mean, I understand we don't have to pay anual fee for those codes… I am a little confuse. Thanks

  7. Hi Camron, I am facing GTIN issue. Like I bought the codes from GS1 and listed my product on Amazon using the UCPs. Now they have inactivated my listing saying there is some issue with the GS1 codes that I purchased. The case is being investigated for over a month but no reply yet from the AMZ seller central team.
    So, in this case what would by your suggestion to me. Like should I clear my inventory from AMZ and then get the GTIN exemption and finally sell the product as generic product on AMZ or what? Please guide. Thank you!

  8. Amazon dealers are really ANNOYING.. Wholesale Companies are really tired to delete their WHOLESALE REQUEST account emails… Most of them are Indians…STOP BOTHERING THE COMPANIES.

  9. Hi Camerron I have been selling on Amazon since 2013 when just having any old barcode was ok. I sell items with my custom designs so my catalog consists of 1 item in a few thousand designs so I have different skus and upc#. I listed more items recently and I guess I got flagged and now Amazon is saying they are going to deactivate my listings due to invalid upc#. I am going to us the info you provided in the above video to try and get thru. I do have brand registration. Any tips on how to grandfather in all of my existing inventory before it gets deactivated. Thank You in advance and for the info above, I think I will now be able to sleep tonight 🙂

  10. Thank you for the video , i have a question , how to label and do the packing list and also what should i put on the package of each product that doesn't have a upc code or GTIN number when sending it to amazon warehouse (FBA) ?
    Thank you

  11. Hi Cameron, I just sent you a question ..(CL) but I forgot to mention it has been giving me this error after I post the ad …This SKU has an inconsistent product classification with the ASIN. Please submit a feed to update this SKU to match the ASIN product classification. So that doesn't make sense to me as I placed the listing as a generic listing and the items are different that other sellers on Amazon… Then when I click on the ad in the list of listings it says incomplete and won't let me finish the listing. Please provide any help as to solve this problem so I can place my generic listing

  12. Hi Cameron, Thank for for your info. I have obtained the ability to post ads by getting approved for generic (jewelry) items as you instructed. I am have 2 big problems still though: 1) The issue is that the Amazon message keeps coming back saying that I am using the incorrect ASIN and SKU even though one is not required when making my listing because it is generic (this is after I have saved the listing). It will initially allow me to make the listing but then after an Amazon message says to give them 15 min to see if it is approved, the listing will then show as incomplete and a SKU and ASIN number has been generated and pops up in the blank area. When I click on the ad it showed my listing title and that the items are "currently unavailable." I can't seem to successfully make the listing. Also no other Amazon sellers have the exact same items as me, only a few that are slightly similar but there are differences like location the were manufactured, style, or different clasps. Please let me know how I can post my own individual listing without just being in someone else's listing buy box as my items are not exactly the same. 2) Also the other issue I'm having is when I post size variations it wont allow me to save even though I have filled everything required out. On the top line is asks price and quantity. Different sizes are different prices and I specified the quantity by size but it still wont allow me to save it. Is there a step-by-step way of solving both of these issues? Thank you and I really appreciate it.

  13. Absolutely awesome! First time small business owner testing products and you may have saved me money as well as my business, thanks for this channel! C James channel is awesome for new businesses!

  14. hello! thank you!i am new on amazon! i have one question! if you brand the product with manufacture but you have not trademark yet and added the product on amazon with GTIN exemption just to test , and after you want to trademark and brand register the product do you need to buy the UPC BARCODES? also if you list the product again with the upc barcodes will you have the reviews ? or your product when you will list it with upc barcode will not have reviews?thanks for your help, appreciate it

  15. Hi, thanks for the video. I just have a question.
    I’m not Brand Registered, but having been selling on Amazon for over a year. I bought my UPC code from a third party seller and not from the GS1 website. If I now want to Brand Register, can I still use my exisiting UPC codes ? Or do I need to do an GTN exemption because of my UPC codes. Just a little confused. I have used the 565 error code so I can put my brand name in. Thanks in advance.

  16. Thank you for this video! So glad to hear you did/are doing so well on amazon!! I had a question regarding branding. Lets say I order a bunch of stickers with my brand and I want to private label. Lets say the manufacturer finishes packing my order and ships straight to amazons warehouse. At what point am I able to put my brand logo on the products? Do some manufacturers do it for you (but what if they don't do that sort of custom work?) Do I have to order my product to my house and then brand myself and get amazon to pick it up? Or is there some way to brand in-between from my manufacturer to the amazon warehouse? Little confused about this.

  17. Hi Camron. I have looked and searched for this page or option to list my products with the GTI exemption with no luck. The exemption page or link is nowhere to be found. Can you provide a link?

  18. Hello Bro, so if I am your authorised brand’s reseller, after you get GTIN exemption, how could I list the product? By applying GTIN exemption? Or just simply use your ASIN?

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