How to List Your Product on Amazon 2023 – 6 Steps to Choose the Best Amazon Category

In this video, we take the first steps on How to List Your Product on Amazon 2023 where you select the Best Amazon Category for …

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45 thoughts on “How to List Your Product on Amazon 2023 – 6 Steps to Choose the Best Amazon Category”

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  2. @DanRodgers, How can i check or preview that my listing has the variation theme on display ? Ive created my dummy listing with the parent listing and the two variations. When i click on the ASINS it only shows one variation or the other? So each each variation is displayed on its own and when i click the parent Asin, this also just shows one of the variations? My product only has 2 variations

  3. Hi Dan, thanks for the video – are you actually allowed to list your products under different parent categories (does this involve creating separate ASINS)?

  4. very helpful blog, I am doing Amazon FBA UK and sourcing from China, I think the key thing of doing FBA is to find professional suppliers and freight forwarder to handle your first leg for your Amazon FBA, like IRFREIGHT, highly recommended.

  5. I really like how you explain all your videos with relevant pictures and how much you invest on these videos to make them engaging. This youtube channel has become one of my favourite Amazon YT channels. I really appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Hi Dan excellent content like always. One question though, can you add yourself to multiple sub categories? I see some products have multiple "leaves" How do you go about doing that?

  7. Hi Dan, I love your videos , they are so simple but powerful , congrats you gained a follower ! Dan, I would like to know which apps you use to record your videos, they are well made.

  8. This is really great Dan, learning a lot & quite interesting, thank you for sharing! btw, if you have a gift set, how do you categorize, will choose 1 & use as the main product?

  9. Hi Dan one more question, I want to put my product in two different main categories, Camera & photo and Outdoors & Sports. Would that be OK? BTW I got my brand registered very smoothly using IP Accelerator.

  10. Thank you for the valuable content as always… I have a beginner question: I am a new FBA seller, and I am trying to create my first listing. I don't have a registered brand, so I want to use my store name a the brand. Can I do that even though the store name (brand) is not registered???
    if yes, do I have to print it on the product (so it will be fixed and not a sticker) and send a picture to Amazon so they can approve it before I can make my listing???
    kindly clarify…thank you…

  11. Thanks Dan. Very informative video. How do you get the category box under listings on amazon search results? My H10 chrome does not show that!

  12. Hello brother. We created an Amazon europe seller account. And we made an video conversation to verify our id card and other documents with an amazon personel. She said " ok i verificated your id card and your documents. You will get an e-mail in 72 hours. Today almost over 196 hours passed but we didn't get any e-mail by Amazon. How many days we should wait i did not understand please help me.

  13. It seems the "Parent" is actually a definition of the path rather than the main category. I am still little bit puzzled by the top level described as "Any Department" instead of Electronics. It would be really helpful if there is an explanation for that. We are in a similar category under electronics and Amazon still doesn't provide any sales data for this group.

  14. Now that was a wealth of great information definitely going to have to re-watch this a couple of times you said a lot in a short period of time now I have to let it absorb. Thanks Dan five stars

  15. Dan that is very accurate point. I love the way you explain how these product categories can effect the listing process and choosing the lowest competition category is very important. Thanks for these pointers.

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