21 thoughts on “How To Pick A Product To Sell On Amazon In 2023 ?”

  1. One thing I wish you Amazon FBA accounts would show us is how to actually find procures using other methods besides helium, jungle scout. Those help but there must be some other ways u guys actually use alongside those.

  2. Tatiana,
    I have watched a few videos on YouTube from others and some of these videos talk about private labeling not being a good idea in 2022 because it is too “congested”. I watched your video from a month ago in which you stated that there is still a lot of opportunity even through private labeling! Do you still stand strong in your opinion of private labeling? Of course as long as it is a creative idea!

  3. Heyy Tatianna ?! I’m 15 I’m just now starting my fba journey, I plan on doing online/retail arbitrage first to save up $ to start doing private labeling in the future ? I’m very excited I basically been binge watching your channel loll

    Do you have any advice for me or any useful information about fba arbitrage 2022 did anything change that I should know about? And in your opinion… what are the top 3 categories to start selling in when first starting fba arbitrage. :))

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