How to PREP, PACK & LABEL Your Amazon FBA Shipments | Packaging, Labeling and Barcode

Learn how to properly prep, package, and label your Amazon FBA products and shipments following the Amazon packaging and …

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30 thoughts on “How to PREP, PACK & LABEL Your Amazon FBA Shipments | Packaging, Labeling and Barcode”

  1. Love the video! Thanks so much! Im selling books (not set). Doesnt look like i need to pack myself. Will amazon just put each book in a amazon box / bag and ship it, without me having to specify how they should pack it?

  2. Hello Crescent, I created an account on Alibaba, I select that the manufacturer has Trade Assurance and is verified, but when I look at the list, I see that they are verified, how many years they have been in business, country, the number of diamonds, and only when I click on them and look at their page, it says that the purchase is made with Trade Assurance, is that normal?Thank you anticipated.

  3. Question regarding printing/accessing the FNSKU barcode in Amazon – Can we only print/access the amazon barcode once the product listing is live? I don't have the inventory for the product that I want to sell yet, so I haven't created the listing yet for that reason. However, I want to give my supplier the barcode pdf so that they can put the barcode stickers on my product, so that when they ship it to me, its already done and I don't have to do it myself. How do you suggest we get the barcode before the listing is created? Or is there a way to create the listing and get the barcode without making the listing live?

  4. Hello, wanted to know if you could answer a question for me. If I am selling an item that is a pack of 4, and it is boxed with ONLY those 4 items, do I need to put the fnsku on each individual item? I'm asking because its already boxed, and wanted to know if I could put the fnsku as well as the shipping label on the outside of the box prior to sending it Amazon without having to open up the box.

  5. My packages come with my own Amazon approved UPC barcodes and these barcodes are already printed on the cartons. do I still need to print fnsku barcodes and paste them on the cartons? If so do I have to cover the UPC barcodes?.

  6. Hey Crescent, great content as always. I have a little question, to start selling on amazon is it better to source products directly from Alibaba or is it better to work with a sourcing agent ? Thanks in advance !

  7. One thing I think you forgot to mention is how the labeling works when you are shipping LTL instead of SPD, do your master cartons need the amazon FBA box ID and you just place the carrier shipping label on the 4 sides of the pallets?

  8. Thank you! Crescent
    Great content !!

    I sent my product 500units to amazon warehouse and arrived three weeks ago but still processing 40units reserved…😢

    Should I wait to launch until finish? Or it is ok to start selling rest of them first?

  9. So let's say I'm sending in spatula sets (I'm not), does each product still need to be in a box separately inside carton? Can they just be in separate bags or something and then amazon boxes them up when they ship? I assumed every unit must be in a ready to ship box. Hope this makes since. I'm about to decide on first product. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  10. Good video!!! If the product your shipping isn't in a master carton or casepacked, but are individual units… do you still require the MADE IN COUNTRY label on it? I manufacture/package my own products from Australia

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