38 thoughts on “How to Remove 1 Star Amazon FBA Reviews in 2023!!”

  1. The problem is that ANYONE with an Amazon account can leave a review on your product, even if they didn't buy it.

    Right now I'm trying to sort out an issue with a 1-star review from someone who didn't even buy my product. They simply didn't like the way I worded something in the description. I contacted Amazon about this and there is an appeal process, but it isn't guaranteed.

    I was at 5 stars and getting great sales, but just one stinkin' bad review has caused a significant slowdown in sales. It really takes the wind out of your sails man. Here's hoping I can get the review overturned.

    I'm not enrolled in the brand registry so I can't even contact the person who made the review. Hopefully Amazon can sort it out.

  2. I had two one star rating on a product and I don't know how to remove it. Both person that left the one star, I assume it was them since it happened right after they tried to steal the product from us. they claimed the product never arrived and one that was delivered to the wrong place. which was not true sinc UPS showed pics of the delivery etc. I got reimbursed by Amazon but I can't remove the 1 star rating for that product. Sorry for the long description. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Thank you

  3. Good video. What about FBM(dropshipping) products? My one of sale stuck at Japanese customs and customer gave me 1 star because she couldn't receive. Can I request removal?
    And one more thing, I wrote to my customer and I said I will refund. But also kindly I asked to change/remove comment. Very risky right? Does amazon catches my message?

  4. Your supporting theft, buyers know very well what they are aiming for when they do this, free items. Ima go to the store now and complain about my cart full of dispers n groceries so i can have it for freeeeee

  5. Hey Trevin love your videos! They have helped me a lot this year as I began selling on amazon. I am currently trying to resolve a negative review. When I click on "send courtesy refund" it creates an automated message to be sent to them that I cannot edit. Have they recently stopped letting you customize the message that goes with the refund?

  6. ​ @Trevin Peterson Hi Trevin, While i see this video is about reviews, is there a good way to remove ratings? it appears that maybe a competitor or someone has left a bad 1 star rating. i have no way of knowing as amazon will not tell me, nor did the person leave any feedback.

  7. Hi, Thanks for this very informative training, I have question, I have refunded the full value of 1 star review and apologies the customer bad experience. But customer did not remove or change the reivew. Please advise what to do in this case.

  8. Customers on amazon are the reason why I never do fbm only fba, Amazon can deal with my shipments and take care of customer service. I only fulfill orders myself through eBay, Facebook and poshmark.

  9. Hi… thank you for this… I do have a question if maybe you can help… so, I will most likely need to create a removal order to my home. I saw that Amazon charges I believe $1.14 for anything under 2 pounds for each item. Does the removal order amount include the shipping to your address as well or is that a separate cost? I couldn't find anything showing this in detail. Thanks in advance

  10. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, i'm glad Amazon is so strict on their review policies. It helps to not compromise the integrity of the platform. Awesome insight Trevin!

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