How To Remove Negative Product Reviews & Seller Feedback on Amazon FAST!

How To Remove Negative Product Reviews & Seller Feedback on Amazon FAST! Got a dreaded 1 start review on Amazon and …

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  1. Thanks again for the video ! How important ist ^Voice of the customer^ ? Because there is also a negative Percentage rate for customer refounds with comments,how much ist okej for amazon ?

  2. Thank you so much for uploading such a detailed and informative video on removing negative reviews on Amazon. I would term this as one of the best video on removing negative feedback or reviews. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the video. I am a new seller. Our main branded product received a total of 9 reviews/ratings so far all 5-star. Today got a 2-star rating only. No explanation or review and no other info. I tried to find all 10 of them on the reviews list as mentioned, but the list shows only one review, a very early one possibly a seller review since it also shows up on the 'sold by' page. Now my problem is kind of twofold; where to find all the rest of the reviews and how to remove a negative rating came today. BTW on the product listing page, all ratings and reviews are shown as usual at the bottom.

  4. Hi, I don't know if you react on these old videos but I was wondering if you know if this works the same in Germany. I have made multiple cases for Amazon to remove reviews that have medical recommendations from customers in them that could seriously harm people. I don't want my brand to be associated with this kind of stuff and it hurts my brand. They're 2 or 3 star reviews. I have 2 of them and one of them contains seriously harmful information and the other one is still a very dangerous recommendation but still, Amazon doesn't do anything.

  5. is it possible that random people can just leave a review even he/she didnt purchase from you? I received a negative feedback from someone who is not my customer. I saw it using my amazon shopping but when i go to my amazon seller app. I have no feedback.

  6. Luca, great video mate! Qu… can we 'challenge' reviews that are older than 90 days? They don't show up on the brand/reviews page if they are older than 90 days. Cheers.

  7. do you use your seller account email or buyer account email to send the 2 emails?
    I used my seller account email, its been over a week, and got no response, and no removal. I'm wondering if I should contact seller support now thru my seller account, or… send to those 2 emails another request removal using my personal email now?

  8. Hi Luca! Thanks for the really helpful video! I have one question. You mention that it's not allowed to give product reviews based on the price of the product. This is quite common on my listings, both in positive and negative reviews. However, I don't find any reference to this in the Community Guidelines. Exactly where did you get this from?

  9. I got a review stating "Quite useless compared to my old repeller. Flies are still flying into the bedroom, will recommend ultrasonic with electric grill killers." would this be breaking one of the rules as they recommend an alternative without mentioning a brand?

  10. Extremely helpful. I got out the shower to check my feedback… and with receiving my first one star. I was extremely confused which seemed like the buyer lied… so I asked for a removal and it happened within 20 sec! So thank you for the video!!!

  11. Hello. I got a Vine Product Review about a product of mine called "[Brand Name] Acrylic Laptop Stand". The reviewer's written portion of the review was all positive comments except for one sentence – "However, the stand is acrylic which made it inflexible". So an all positive thoughts + one negative sentence complaining that a product called Acrylic Laptop Stand was made of acrylic. How can you criticize that an acrylic product was made of acrylic and that be the basis of a 2 star review? Do you think Amazon will remove this review on the basis of common sense?

  12. Thanks for the information. Does the customer receive a notification from Amazon that their feedback has been removed? I don't want to risk removing the feedback if they receive a notification and then decide to leave a negative product review instead.

  13. Thanks for sharing Luca. Customers definitely broken Amazon TOS regarding my products. I emailed Amazon community help but they are non responsive. Do you have any suggestions who else I can contact besides seller support because they're no help as well?

  14. Thank you, Luca, but what if you know you've got a competitor's 1-star review, how would you prove it? In my case, I claimed a video my competitor was using (easy to proof, I was featured in the video using my product). Instantly when the claim resolution came out and the competitor had to remove the content, I got an order with a fake name and my first ever bad review. The fake profile opted out of communication and didn't even request a refund. What would you do? How would you build a case? On the other hand, what if you pay for Vine and you get a bad review? What if the product you are selling is very niched and the vine voice doesn't even know how to use it (you can tell that bc of the review) yet you follow up to explain but the vine voice never replies. Thank you again!

  15. Hi,
    I have received negative review for my product and customer clearly mentioned the competitor brand name as it works well. I have seen your video and contacted following the steps you mentioned but i got reply that “ it is not against the community guidelines”.
    So can you please assist me about it.

  16. Hi,

    Can you clarify pls. What do you mean by ,, the entire feedback comment is a product review “ I thought they suppose to review a product. Why this would be a breaking amazon rule.

    Thank you

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