35 thoughts on “How To Remove Negative Reviews On Amazon (the right way)”

  1. On amazon germany it does not seem to work. I have none of my reviews visible in customer feedback manager or customer reviews. What can I do here? There are people leaving dangerous information about medicines and alcohol in my reviews..

  2. Hi Adam! Big fan of your content.
    I noticed that they recently performed some changes to the SC UI, and Customer reviews is no longer available.
    What do you recommend considering the most recent changes?

  3. Great Vid Thanks.

    How do you raise a ticket for Amazon to review if a product review is against their guidelines? I keep trying and it keeps directing me to a feedback review and not product review

  4. I worked hard to build my brand and a hateful family member went to my product on Amazon and left a negative review that is libel . How can I get this removed . This person never purchased my book or read it .

  5. Thanks for this video. But, to my knowledge, method #3 is false and does not exist. Exactly how do you "submit a ticket" and even "up to 10 tickets at a time" in the referenced method #3? There is no feature within the seller central case log to report product/ASIN level feedback (aka product reviews). If you try using the regular case log, you'll be directed to "feedback manager" (which is for seller level feedback not product) or directed to "report abuse" (which is for reporting other sellers, not buyers). If you use the "report abuse" link under the individual product review, there is no associated "ticketing" process- there is no where to leave remarks, no ticket ID provided, and no follow up from Amazon regarding the status/ruling of the report.

  6. Adam, I tried this method to no luck. What's the trick? Submitted 2 cases, was directed to Amazons "Community Help" email address as the Seller Central team suggested, I get no responses. . What really is the trick??

  7. Good stuff! We used ChatGPT Google Sheets add-on and just asked GPT whether these reviews go against TOS or not (and we gave GPT the URL for TOS). Saves a lot of manual work!

  8. Hi Adam, thank you so much for sharing this insightful video on how to remove negative reviews on Amazon. As a seller, I've had my fair get negative reviews and it can be really frustrating to deal with them. I appreciate your clear and concise explanations, and your positive attitude towards the whole process. Your video was both informative and mind refreshing, and I look forward to implementing your strategies in my own business. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us!

  9. Hi Adam, thanks for the video. For method 1 to work, I am not sure if Amazon allows you to send customised messages. It is a generic template message from Amazon to the customer. Unless they have changed it or am i missing something?

  10. Thanks Adam, i have contacted the amazon seller support, but they say this is not something they handle and the only way to report a review is going under the review and clicking "Report" but there you cannot even write a thing.

  11. Hey Adam, the feedback manager only seems to handle Brand level feedback removal, it doesn't seem to allow for removal requests for ASIN level feedback. What am I missing?

  12. Do you have sample text you can share for a review-removal request that was successful? I get rejected even if the review is blatantly against TOS.

  13. I only get a Contact Customer message that gives either a "Courtesy Refund" or "Customer Support" templated message. Where are you seeing Send the customer a message?

  14. How do you create customised message in Method 1? From what I can see it goes out with default Amazon message which is pretty cold and doesn't invite buyer to respond.

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