18 thoughts on “How to SAVE 60% on shipping to amazon | ship pallets to FBA | LTL SHIPPING #amazonfba”

  1. Funny how no one tells FBA sellers that they will hardly ever be paid from Amazon. Amazon holds all of your profit, for pretty much ever, $1000's of dollars never paid out. Not fair.

  2. Hi guys!

    I noticed in the seller central's box requirements article that they say that one dimension of the master carton cannot exceed 25 inches (64 cm). In our case the longest is 84 cm (33 inches).

    Does this apply for only SPD when shipping individual boxes? Or does this not count for shipping LTL/FTL when the dimensions of the pallet are important (and will be inside amazon's prefered ones)?

    Thank you very much for anykind of advice! 😀

  3. How can I get around only sending a pallet to one fulfillment center? All my shipments are breaking up and I’m left with less than a pallet on some shipments. Is there a work around other than paying the fee for inventory placement?

  4. There’s a distribution (not retail) company that can ship pallets as FBA. I’ve never done pallet shipping but I do need more advise / understanding. It sounds conflicting the fact Amazon policy says that my contact needs to be on all documents. However with the distributor, they said their contacts would be the one for all pick up and shipping to FBA. What are your thoughts about that?

  5. ive been following for a couple weeks and im just starting my amazon sellers account… thanks for all the tips to get me started i've already got a couple books with under 150k great sales rank and great margins 😀 im gonna grind and grind and make it work thanks Reezy.

  6. How much would you offer someone if you were buying multiple boxes of books from them? $5 per box? $10? Or pay per book?

  7. YEA DAILY!!!! How about a video on " Feeding the Beast" and why Amazon will sell more of your products when you're constantly sending in shipments.. Im soo very curious about this as im staring to see this " Snowball Effect " . Thanks as always Reezy the Don.

  8. Just a correction: Scanlister does not create shipments through the API as other listing services and therefore will not increase splits! That's why it is the best for splits. It will upload your listings and can also create your shipping PLAN for you, but the actual shipments/splits are happening directly on seller central. I ship thousands of books a month and primarily use LTL. The Scanlister workflow offers the least amount of splits. They also just updated the workflow so you label as you do box contents, so no need to keep the books in order anymore after scanning them in.

    Another tip is that if you send multiple pallets at time, the price barely changes. I can usually send 2 1400lb pallets for around $135 total (going one state away)!

  9. I've been trying to figure this out on my own for the last month. The first one I did was pretty bad , I'm working on the 2nd one like this. Thank you so much for sharing brotha

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