22 thoughts on “How To Sell Beauty Products On Amazon 2017 / Amazon FBA – Get Ungated!”

  1. Hi, we are on the project of listing a private label body soap products with FBA. The products are manufactured in Malaysia, and we are setting up the office in Malaysia instead of USA. However, we are unable to get approval from amazon with the reasons on the labeling is not adhered to the packaging and now they are mentioning Brand registry. Also, it links to Trademarks issue, however, Malaysia is not under the list of eligible countries. Any experts can step in for discussion? Thank you

  2. I Currently sell as a private label in UK and I apply for a UPC exemption, this allows me to sell any of my private labewl goods in that parent category and all sub categories – does this mean I am ungated ???

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  4. I'm not sure if I missed something but I'm trying to get unlocked in topicals, do I just need to get unlocked in Beauty & Personal Care with a product for all my products to be ungated under topicals?

  5. Hi Jonny I have been ungated in topical cathegory so you tell me that I can now sell in any of the Beauty and personal care or Health and peronal care athegorie? Im not sure if it is Beauty or Health

  6. Is the toothpaste example still relevant in 2018? I heard Beauty was now ungated, is that true? I hope so because that's what an Amazon rep said over the phone lol

  7. I'd like to try the toothpaste thing but It still will boil down to where I'm purchasing my products–Supplier as compared to a distribution or manufacture. Since you stated that in your video, where in the world can I buy that is approved by amazon?

  8. Great video but trying to get my head around it. Are you saying to get ungated in your example you purchase and provide an invoice for the colgate. Get ungated, THEN order your product from China and all will be ok? Or do they refuse all china suppliers invoices regardless? (I missed the discount code for the course) lol

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