How to Sell on Amazon FBA from Canada 2023 Amazon FBA for Beginners + Step By Step

In this video tutorial, I share how to sell on Amazon FBA from Canada in 2023. I’ll go through Amazon fba taxes, Amazon FBA …

amazon fba fees

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48 thoughts on “How to Sell on Amazon FBA from Canada 2023 Amazon FBA for Beginners + Step By Step”

  1. Doesn't Amazon in the US collect sales tax for every item you sell regardless? based on each state individually. When I look at my sales, I will see sales tax collected on each item sold, am I missing something?

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  3. How do you send your products from canada to a US warehouse ? Or does Amazon seller account do that for you just when you send a shipment to Canada. I’m confused

  4. Hi brother Ali,
    I have created an account on Amazon US but do not have LLC and want to do wholesale, can I do it without LLC? Please give some information. Thank you.

  5. Hello. Thank you for your videos. As a Canadian, what documents do I need to open an LLC in the USA? Is it the same as opening an account on the central seller?

  6. im apparently really dumb but i dont get where to send my product for fba. Like I understand it needs to be sent to the fulfillment centre in canada but does that mean any one of them? or do i have to send it to a bunch of them and they send the item from whichever is closet when people buy?

  7. Hello, I recently started selling on Amazon US. I had the product shipped to me Canada and I’m being told I have to pay 25% tariff on the sale price because it was made in China. I think it should be on the cost price not the sale price. Can you help?

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  9. I am a new FBA seller on Amazon Turkey and USA.
    I want to buy a product from another seller in Amazon Turkey and send it to the warehouse of Amazon USA.
    How should I specify the US warehouse as the destination?

  10. Hi Ali. Thank you so much for the video. Its very useful. I have a question. What do i need if im bringing from Chinese suppliers to canada . Any legal documentation? Anything which i doesn't know as a new seller…

  11. Finally, straight forward information. I like the idea of splitting shipments to US & Canadian warehouse. Does this mean you should have a US based bank account and also a Canadian bank account, or does it really matter<

  12. I'm so happy I came across this video! It's been difficult to find information for Canadians. You are very straightforward, I appreciate your teaching style. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you!

  13. Thanks for the tips!…but. I'm having trouble with Alibaba. Everytime I ask about the ASIN code, they don't know what I'm talking about. Please advise.

  14. Hi Ali, I just bought your course and its great help, I have a quick question, for setting up amazon account as seller you mentioned about Business address that, if someone don't have any business address we can use our residential address. I live in rented apartment, so can I use that as an address ? or do you recommend some other alternative, please suggest.

  15. Hello Ali, I set up an account with Alibaba and the products I am interested in, I have no way of purchasing. I asked the seller, "How much for this amount, shipping and how do I place an order?" They don't respond or the very few that do, keep asking the same questions, like "What color?" I answer their question then I don't hear back from them. Any advice? Thank you! Marie

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