41 thoughts on “HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON IN 2022 (Beginners Guide)”

  1. Thank you very much, I have my own business, website since then it very very slow. I'm in Shopify but still the same. I got product in my house. So now I decided to follow your advice and do it on Amazon. Thanks

  2. Got a question how do I get Amazon to pick up my products? Do they drive over to my house to pick them up or do I have to take it to an Amazon warehouse directly? The internet aspect is all that is described in all these explanations on dropshipping but nobody is explaining the actual physical part. The product has to be physical how is it shipped around? Do I take them to the Amazon warehouse by my car or do I get an Amazon truck to come over to pick it up?

  3. When it comes to selling on Amazon I keep it simple.
    Firstly, I find a winning product and I list it. Secondly, I turn PPC ads on within Amazon and I run for $3 per day budget. Thirdly, I “set it and forget it” Most people sit around checking for views and sales but this slows momentum. i could be using that time to find more new Products. I’ve been able to generate a lot of money on Amazon by just keeping it simple good luck! All the best

  4. My problem with Amazon is that I became so frustrated with how to add products . Especially products with multiple sizes. I reached out to support and they had me to download a file in order to be able to add different colors and sizes. I am still confused. It still isn’t working

  5. Hi ~! Thank you very much for this video. It was very informative. I do have one question. I am an American with an american adress still but i am staying in Thailand. And have space here to do FBM. When i start the application should i put my american adress or thaland for the tax reason. And have another option to send it to my thailand adress?? I will not be going back to America

  6. I have been selling on Ebay for years & want to get into selling on Amazon. What would you say are the best things to start selling on there please as i am gated from selling most things toys,books,games,dvds,cds etc

  7. So annoying I'm trying to sell on Amazon and they ask for so much information on the product but I'm trying to just dropship the item from ali so I don't have the actual product on me zzz

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