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Fake customers reviews have been festering on online shopping platforms for a while now with thousands of people posting …

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  1. I also received rs 50 cashback card thereafter I didn't open the product and returned? by judging that I placed order for 5 star reviews. Means all reviews were bought not deserving ones.

    It's all bullshit?

  2. Whats funny is sellers don't even give rewards. They send you a small computer generated paper which mention rules and what you have to do for rewards. It asks for your mail id if in case you win and that's it. nothing happens. ???

  3. Nothing will change ……. Platforms will make money and buyers will be protected….. Sellers will loose money n only few sellers with setting will survive. The reviews are 90% fake n does not give right information. Only the manufacture knows the exact quality n price of product.

  4. I was going to buy book Demian, three books were there and what surprised me was that all of them had same number of buyers and ratings even the feedback was same

  5. Initially i used to look for product reviews on yputube but nowadays the companies have bought them too …there are so less youtubers left who give honest reviews

  6. If u check the review history of some Amazon Reviewers, u can note a pattern. You can find out that this same person has given 5 Star Reviews for many products of the same seller or brand. And guess what, that's the only reviews from that account.

  7. Aysa kuch nahi hota bc ??? ayse hi thodi koi product free me dete h amazon h bhai buyers hi itne hote h??
    Tum like ke liye hamara time brbad mt kro??

  8. I think u also get paid for promotion of reviewmata app and u also buy ur youTube comments bcz ur views are less than 1k and comments is more than 700 u re also a cheater

  9. Abto us jhatu sachin ne use group admin bhi bna dia, bhai ye sahi h pehle sachin tu humse fake comment krvale manila ke khilaf or ab use admin bna De bht gandu aadmi h re tu to. Pehli vanila ki gand marli ab bachara h bht dogula h be tuto

  10. This is serious thing i complain about this to my cousin he is in a numberpost of executive officer in lets see what amazon does to this people
    If any query ask my brother +1 639 394 0361 in whatsapp because your call will not connect from india it a Canadian number

  11. Aj group ka ek banda akhir kar sach bola manila vanila ke baare m. Aunty ji u seems quite wise just think once why everyone has hate you so much, let me tell you why coz u r a egoistic shit person. You don't care about other's feeling or emotions. You don't reply on time. You are such a ugly person from inside bus kya hi btau

  12. The most imp point that he missed is "if d review comes from certified buyer then its authentic". The second point is that check seller's info on Google before buying products. Some of d authentic selers on Amazon n flipkart are CLOUDTAIL, APPARIO, DARSHITA, STPL, SUPERCOMNET, OMNITECH, TRUCOM RETAIL. Everything he suggested was crap. God knows from where he got the shitty n stale info. Nxt time research well before making shitty video without facts.

  13. Please give me your email address .I have all evidence against person name vandita.
    I have all details like customer name,seller name ,order no and refund of payment .

    I have video ND screenhot of her business..
    Please contact me as soon as possible

  14. Please give me your email address .I have all evidence against person name vandita.
    I have all details like customer name,seller name ,order no and refund of payment .

    I have video ND screenhot of her business..
    Please contact me as soon as possible

  15. Most fake video ever watched if sellers r so rich to give products for free this way for reviews they would have launched next jio as stupid as ur fake videos .. report nonsense time wasting stuff with just intention to gain views .

  16. Hey he send me msg and asking me to like the video n subscribe too.. and he pay me 100rs paytm also.. is this real ?? Any one Received the paytm ?? You ask me fake subscriber too 100rs for 2k subscriber he didn't give me subscriber even for my channel

  17. It seems like you have asked any brand to give u free product and that brand didn't gave u , so u made a video on this?

    And by the u also take paid comments on ur videos , 50 rs per comment???

    1.5 million subscribers and views uske 10% bhi nhi aate, dont u feel that its strange, u also have taken fake subscribers
    And why anyone will give any product for free , just for a review , itni investment koi nhi krta bhai , thoda practically socho

    And dont make such useless videos to gain some views

  18. jb amazon ko pta hai to…whi kyo ni delete kr deta…
    Rahi baat paid reviews ki to i think tere hi konsa subscriber real lagte hai mujhe.. 1m+ subscriber or views just 1.5 k or 2k ate hai videos pe

  19. Redmi Phone captured the whole market in a few years…will you say they paid for reviews.

    Its the low price & good quality made them success.

    When launched I purchased Redmi 1s mobile without any review & till now i am a Happy Redmi user..

    So if a product is good for the price we pay the customers will love it… that's it…and don't say its fake reviews

  20. Don't be pussy. Be like cobra post and do some real sting operations. Rather than creating news, report news and tell people how media is 24 hr giving fake reviews on everything.

  21. I also spotted a group which pays for youtube comments on your channel. I mean ….you don't even get 1k views sometimes …but comments are always in good number. And i came to know that reason later when i saw that group. I will never ever do any such act for some handful bucks. Don't sell your honesty

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