How to Use Etsy to Find Products To Sell On Amazon – Amazon FBA Product Research

Amazon FBA Product Research is one of the things almost every new Seller struggles with. After 3 years of doing product …

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14 thoughts on “How to Use Etsy to Find Products To Sell On Amazon – Amazon FBA Product Research”

  1. FYI: This is not correct info. I am just trying to help here, so please do not take offense. The Etsy reviews are for "All" products, not just for that item. That goes for the Etsy sales as well, it is sales for all products sold. You would be better off looking under the photo for "Reviews for this item", see how many reviews there are for that specific item. You can also see often times what color, length, etc is bought by the customer in each of those reviews, then check out the comments of the reviews to see what they are saying about the product, etc. Also, look for best sellers, as well as how many people have it in their cart. Anything 20 and over is good, next go to the bottom of the page and see when it was last relisted. That will show whether it sells daily or every other day or not so much. That either means it is selling or that the seller has relisted it to get better placement.

  2. Hello Brian, I'm a new subscriber, I already sell on Amazon, but I actually used some different tools for getting the data I need for research.
    My question is, does Helium 10 and Xray scans the amazon platform in real time? Are those datas real time accurate?
    By the way, you are amazing at what you're doing, thank you for keeping us focused on the business.

  3. Really cool and informative video! It’s very useful for me as I am new to Amazon and trying to find my product. I have some questions:

    1. When looking at the reviews on Etsy, shall I look at the no. of “reviews for this item” or “reviews of this shop” so as to know whether the product is selling well?

    2. There are many customized/personalized products on Etsy. Can I still choose these items to sell on Amazon, even though I can’t tailor-made for Amazon buyers?

    Thanks in advance.

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