18 thoughts on “How to use Keepa for Amazon FBA Wholesale Dropshipping | Keepa Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for sharing info. But for the behinner it is useless. You are teaching very fast. Whenever you make video slowly dear. I did not understand so I am skipping someone else video

  2. Greate video! So for wholesale dropshipping, how do you keep updated with suppliers' inventory? I see most supplier has daily updated live inventory spreadsheet, so you just compare that spreadsheet with the spreadsheet a day before to see what change, then update your inventory? Or you have a better way to do this? Thanks!

  3. I have 3 questions (I'm new to this stuff so forgive me if they are dumb questions) Is whole sale the best method of dropshipping, like the easiest or the most profitable? What is a good amount of money to start with? How much should I expect to invest into the business each month?

  4. Would it be possible to use Keepa to find out if an Amazon product would be good to dropship onto FBMP or Mercari or something like that? I see a lot of videos showing Keepa as a way to find products that would be good for Amazon FBA but very few about using Keepa to just locate popular products in the first place.

  5. Hey Noah, you said on one of your videos that you control the buy box on a lot of your listings. Are you going to do a video for some tips on that? Amazon's buy box algorithm is so damn frustrating with how opaque it is. I have a competitor selling something for ten dollars more than I am, we are both over the price on external sites, yet he gets the box 100% of the time. He's just a dropshipper like I am – not the product owner – and I have good seller metrics. I'd love to figure it out. Thanks

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