34 thoughts on “How to use SellerAmp SAS | Beginners Guide | (Amazon FBA 2023)”

  1. That’s a great video, one thing I don’t understand is some leads I’ve found to be in the top 1% bsr but only have est 20 sales a month?! Why would that be?? Thanks

  2. I really appreciate the video and you talk at an understandable pace.Here's my question. I am a brand new seller to the amazon marketplace and so I am restricted on everything. When I try to auto ungate , it never works and when I do manual. It asks all sorts of questions about bar codes that I do not understand. Is this normal? It was asking me to upload some document with bar codes, but I don't know how I would do that as I have not sold anything. Help?

  3. I am a beginner amazon seller (have not sold a single product yet). Do you think i need a separate app for IP alert or SellerAmp is accurate enough on IP. Otherwords would you recomment IP apps for the beginners?

  4. I can’t thank you enough for this tutorial. U simplified both Selleramp and keepa for me in such an incredible way! ???. Newer amazon seller and after watching this vid I feel confident enough to try to find, select and purchase at least one “ test” product to sell ( and get my feet wet?). Thank you for this❤

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