35 thoughts on “I bought the STRANGEST TECH on the Internet.”

  1. I recommend for training on the unicycle thing and boot things you use a hover board it's a bit scary but it's easy after a bit I have a self balance one at first before you've done it a bit it spins VERY quickly but you can just just of and you stop by trying to stay up right I hope you try to use a self balance hover board they are very fun but a bit scary and easy I love your vids they are so fun and your showing things that some people like me what these things are like. Also I can no longer use my hover board cud I lost its charger ?

  2. Qooboo is great for people with cat allergies and college students. I would love to have a cat in my dorm, and qooboo would be great. It's too creepy for me to buy, though.

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