29 thoughts on “I got caught working 2 remote jobs”

  1. This guy is pretending that it is a crime to two two jobs……
    Elon musk is a ceo of several companies and he was never CAUGHT working in multiple jobs……What the hell is this video about……

  2. Two full time jobs is not the real issue, it’s the conflict of interest with the two competing companies.i.e.,Technology, finance companies, marketing etc…

  3. I was never paranoid about this. During quarantine I worked several remote jobs ? my main always took priority, but never worried about “being found out” or that I was doing anything wrong because neither job ever got neglected. It’s so stupid because if Job A requires less of a time commitment and the quality of work doesn’t suffer… what is the problem?! You pay me for the productivity and workload, not the hours. Wtf.

  4. I’ll rather work two full time jobs but different hours. There’s 24 hours in a day. If I can find a 12am-8am remote position and keep my 9:00am-6:00pm. I’m good.

  5. LOL…the police thing. Black men do not get this luxury. I've seen DOZENS attempt to not speak and… they push them, handcuff them. Not one word spoken. They'll even go as far to say their silence was "resistance". So. Yeah. That may work for some… it doesn't work for EVERYONE.

  6. This is so fucked up! To a point where you not just hurting taxpayers you will hurt physically and emotionally those who actually have pack pain and struggling with the pain and emotionally deal with the feeling that your doctor or your employer might not believe you and not get the right treatment nor assistance from your employer. Please stop it’s never too late when you make something right, I promise you. Thank you!

  7. Yep, very well said. Break the rules, not the law. Some people confuse one with the other. Both ways. Rules are customs, status quo, doing stuff others expect you to do, no matter if it makes sense or not. The other one, well, is the law and the only code of behaviour you technically have to comply to. Mind you, I am talking about work and business here, not family related ethics or religion or anything else.

  8. I do this but with companies in completely different industries. I find easy upwork jobs and try to do them all in my 8-4pm shift. I had up to 5 jobs at once and was running a wellness studio.

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