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  1. i just want a chair that wont kill my back and it seems i will have to take a bank loan to get one ffs… unreal the price for something so simple. Can someone make a chair that wont kill backs out there ??? someone pleaaaase !? Its sad that a 1984 school chair is better than 99% of chairs today

  2. Any suggestion for a budget chair for petite people (5'0" to 5'2")? Especially with headrest. Also any good suggestions on where to buy from if I am in Canada?

  3. Is there different Ticova ergonomic models? I bought the one that was going for $180 with a $40 discount, and the seat makes my butt sore after just 30 minutes to an hour.

  4. The Ticova link you have is to a listing that is still the full $300, but the cheaper version is also still on amazon, and they appear to be the same product. What's up with that? Also, there's a review showing how the seat tilts forward fairly significantly, which puts me off.

  5. start watching to buy a Secret lab titan 2022, while i am searching review, find your channel, worth it! I bought a Ticova for 170e and i am very satisfied

  6. I needed a new chair for some time now, my old NeedForSeat Maxxnomic chair is peeling like a snake and it looks ugly. I was looking at the gaming chairs, either a new NeedForSeat for 200-300 € or SecretLab chair for over 500 €. Just now, after seeing the reviews and the price point (with coupons) for Ticova chair, i pulled the trigger and ordered it (only 165 € with shipping!), and if some of the comments are true, its is even better than SecretLab one, which is crazy. Gotta wait a week of two to test it myself. Thanks for the review, it helped a lot!

  7. I’m not sure if this was just me but I bought a ticova chair around Christmas time last year and the back just snapped in half after about 6 months and I’m not a big boy either around 160 lbs can anyone tell me if I got a bad Batch or something

  8. I cancelled my Ticova order just now after reading a ton of reviews and seeing these comments. It only has 3.9 stars on Amazon too. Anyone had a better experience with a different chair in the same price range?

  9. Any chance you guys can do a video like this for Canada? We don't have the same offerings from Amazon and our dollar sucks which puts most mid-high end US chairs out of reach for most Canadians. We have to additional customs & duties to get Ticova or Clatina.

  10. Can you make an update video on a chair under 500 dollars?? In your last video you said there are better alternatives to the 500 dollars autonomous ergo pro chair, but you never made a video on those alternatives.

  11. I'm having trouble finding a chair that will fit me because I'm a tall person. 190cm / 6′ 2. Do you have any plans for creating a video that helps pick a chair for tall people?

  12. You guys should try out some Scandinavian office chairs like Kinnarps 9000 and RH Logic 400, they're quite pricey at roughly 1000-1600 dollars but superbly comfortable.

  13. Bought a Ticova and tried it for a while but the base was just super cheap and the lumbar support was weird for me. Ended up getting a refurb Amia and it's not even close.

  14. So I’ve a bit confused about the ticova. Amazon shows two identical chairs under that same brand name but with one chair costing 299 and the other about 179 US dollars. Any clue why? I see your link goes to the more expensive one and I’m wondering if they cheaper version is reduced due to less features but they really look exactly the same.

  15. Been watching this channel for a while, really needed this video! Now when friends and family ask me about what's a good affordable office chair to buy I can just share this video.

  16. Have you ever done a video where you've spec'd out the ultimate chair yourself? It would be interesting to see what y'all think would make the best chair ever. Maybe call it the Frankenchair, which has the best of several chairs in one 😂

  17. How is the seat cushion on the ticova? Is it like same level of the cheap arozzi and such chairs that will flatten in a year and you will feel the metal pressing your arse.

  18. 1:15 What would you consider medium? Just curious. I'm 5'10-11" and 180 lbs. I need a new chair and I've been watching y'all's videos to try and figure out what I want since there are so many good options. Right now, in this price range, I'm torn between the Mellet and the Ticova. Leaning toward the Mellet, though.

    If I had a little more to spend, say under 500, what would your picks be? Has your list/opinion from the last $500 chair video changed at all?

  19. It was introduced to the US market not to long ago (and it had been having back to back sales), but have you guys tried out the Hinomi H1 Classic for $299 USD yet? There's a pro version for $599 as well.

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